Connecting The Dots: Black Widow (Part 2)


There are two types of speculators: those who lead and those who follow. By the time news hits, cheap copies of relevant keys are gone and sometimes all that are left are overpriced, often lower grade scraps. It’s the individuals who actually read and research comics who ultimately profit by making insightful, sometimes far-out, connections that puts them far ahead of the market.


In part one of our look at potential characters whom might appear in the upcoming Black Widow movie, I discussed the potential for the Red Guardian to appear in the film. Recent rumors now connect several actors to the movie, which begins to clarify its direction and of course fuels the speculation machine.

Many ran out to buy up copies of Ultimate Comics All-New Spider-man #26 (2013) following the news that André Holland was hired and is speculated to play the Ultimate Universe version of the Taskmaster. Sales of the book reached $95, before settling from $15-20.  However, there are other more directly related Black Widow characters whom have yet to be confirmed for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While there’s been some speculation whom David Harbour (Stranger Things, Hellboy) might play, one possibility is Ivan Petrovich Bezukhov, young Natasha Romanoff’s guardian and protector. (He has a long history with Black Widow and he eventually becomes a cyborg!) His first appearance is Amazing Adventures vol. 2 #1 (1970), which is also one of the first Black Widow solo stories. The most recent sale for a 9.8 was $560 in Nov. 2018. (Several 9.6s are currently listed for $300-350.) Damon Dran, an early Black Widow antagonist, is another possibility. His first appearance is Daredevil vol. 1 #92 (1972). It is certainly conceivable that Dran could serve as a primary antagonist, while Taskmaster serves as an enforcer (not unlike Crossbones in Captain America: Civil War). This book has a much cheaper buy in at $300-350 for the highest grade, however, none have come to market in a couple of years.

Although the character has appeared in both X-Men movies and on the ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. some suspect Rachel Weisz might play , the Viper. Originally Madame Hydra, she first debuted Captain America #110 (1969). Throughout her career, Sarkissian fought a number of Marvel heroes, including the Black Widow. She assumes the name Viper in Captain America #180 (1974) after she kills the original, Jordan Dixon. FMV for a 9.8 is Cap #110 is $1550, while a #180 sold for $1550 in January. (This book had the added benefit of being the first appearance of Cap’s Nomad identity, which saw increased activity prior to the Avengers: Infinity War.)

Another comic that may turn out to be significantly relevant to the Black Widow movie is Marvel Fanfare #11 (1983). The book features no less than seven first appearances of potential antagonists. These include: N’Kama, Deadshot Darrance, Iron Maiden (Melina Vostokovna), Laralie, Black Lotus, and Kono. (Issue #12 adds the character of Snapdragon.) While these are hardly A-List characters, a couple have appeared multiple times throughout Black Widow’s history. Therefore, it’s conceivable that some could be utilized in the movie. The book also features an iconic George Perez cover. Marvel Fanfare #11 offers perhaps the biggest return on investment of any Black Widow-related comic. The buy-in is extremely low for a book with so many first appearances. In fact, a 9.8 copy sold for $36 March 12, 2019.

While not necessarily long term investments, much like spec on the Starforce (Avengers #346) and other secondary characters in the Captain Marvel movie, these books could see a significant spike upon confirmation or announcement. Remember, sans an official announcement, none of these characters are scheduled to appear on screen. However, when filming commences in June, perhaps we’ll see official confirmations.


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