Conner Kent, Overgirl, Karma and more!

Well it’s been a super quiet week in terms of relevant first appearances but there’s a always something to look for in those back issue bins. Since I had to push my Star Wars Snoke special back a week here’s the best I can offer the most desperate hunters!

Superman 500 Platinum

First appearance of Conner Kent

At this point we know we are going to see the Titan’s Tomorrow Conner Kent in Detective Comics and the pre New 52 Conner will probably return at some point. Johns has made no secret about his love for this character. At one time this comic helped represent all that was terrible in the world of collecting. Though the white bag and red logo were cool to look at, you can literally build a house with the amount of issues still out in the wild. Even the newsstand is probably not worth it.

Now Jimmy Linguini poo-poos all over the this book and it’s questionable print run but I never see em’ and when I do they are pricey.

NOTE: We already know the Titans Tomorrow Kon-El is coming the the new DCU so I wouldn’t forget about Teen Titans 17 I mentioned a few weeks ago!

And for a look at some other future Kon-El Supermans there is always Johns last issue from the Titans series

and this one … where an aspiring writer named Johns sent a very important letter to DC which appeared at the issues’ conclusion:

Final Crisis 2 ( cover B )

First appearance of Overgirl

Pics of Overgirl for that upcoming CW crossover look pretty sick. Her costume design makes a sneaky first in this issue.

Warframe 1 ( NYCC Variant )

First comic appearance

Some covers just catch your eye and this NYCC giveaway certainly got my attention. They are available at the Top Cow store but Ebay is drying up!

Marvel Team-Up 100

First appearance of Karma

The director of New Mutants has confirmed characters Warlock and Karma will appear in sequels to the film. Warlock’s first is already widely speculated on. Karma first appeared here.

Guidebook to the Cinematic Marvel Universe 4

First appearance of Harley Keener

Forgotten genius level child prodigy, Harley Keener will be appearing in Avengers Infinity War. He actually does have a comic first!

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