Covering Marvel Evil

Can you believe it? Even the City Supreme wasn’t given early access to view the Avengers Infinity War trailer that was dropped at the D23 Expo! And thanks to the ever leaking internet, I’ve read about every description of the trailer because I have zero will power and no shame.

It seems it’s almost finally here! I remember I was going into my Senior year of high school when I saw the first Iron Man back in 2008…and now footage has finally dropped for the massive event and likely one of the most incredible cinematic marvels (PUN) in history. A completely interlocked world of films that led us here (well, 8 months but who’s counting?)

The Mad Titan is finally running amok on the MCU and based on the descriptions I’ve read, it’s awesome! Thanos certainly is a front runner for top Marvel villain of all time (although I still believe Doctor Doom has and will forever hold that title). Nevertheless, all of the Thanos talk gets me thinking about when I owned Iron Man #55 (his first appearance along with Drax the Destroyer).

I purchased Iron Man #1-#300 along with a few other keys for $600 about 2 years ago. The Iron Man #1 was very sharp so I kept that and replaced it with my roached copy. I then looked over the Iron Man #55 and it had some water damage and was surprisingly the worst looking issue out of all 300. I ended up not keeping the #55 and selling it as a set for a nice profit. The point of this story is…I don’t think I’ll be seeing another Iron Man #55 anytime soon.

This tale got me thinking though. As bad*%# as Thanos is, he didn’t appear on the cover of his first appearance. As a matter of fact, it took him quite some time to fully appear on a cover. He appeared on the cover of Captain Marvel #26, but like a silhouette in the background. His face then appeared on Captain Marvel #28, and then he finally fully appeared on he cover of Captain Marvel #33 (also his origin).

So I began to ponder…what other top tier villains weren’t given love on their first appearance? Well here’s a few of significance! (Due to me referencing Amazing Spider-man #316 a few weeks ago I won’t be mentioning that, but yes, Venom did not appear on the cover of #300.)

The Avengers #67 – First Cover App. of Ultron

Ultron first appeared fully in The Avengers #55, but didn’t appear on a cover until issues later. Think what you want about Avengers: Age of Ultron, he is one of the biggest baddies in the business. He’s a frightening character really, and when utilized correctly, he could be in a horror movie. I love the character and think anything Ultron is still a score!

Tales to Astonish #91 – First Cover App. of Abomination

His first appearance was an issue prior in TTA #90, but didn’t appear until this epic clash. A lot of Hulk Villains don’t get a lot of love (The Incredible Hulk didn’t help this villains case), and I’ve never been a huge fan myself, but early Hulk villains are certainly staples in the Marvel Universe.

Amazing Spider-Man #51 – First Cover App. of The Kingpin

He first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #50, and I couldn’t be more happy that his piggish figure didn’t ruin that cover. #50 is one of my favorite covers of all time. It’s beautiful red tone and epic depiction of Peter’s battle within himself is unparalleled. Yet, #51 gives the Kingpin, who I suppose is important, a pretty good look.

The Uncanny X-men #239 – First Cover App. of Mr. Sinister

Alas, one of my all timers. I Have loved this character since the 90s animated series. He first appeared in #221, but didn’t appear on the cover until almost 20 issues later. I think Mr. Sinister books have a ton of potential! Now that it seems that the X-Men films may be going in another direction (Phoenix saga), I would scoop as much early Sinister stuff up as possible. He’s the type of villain that a good actor could take over a movie with! And if for some reason Jean Grey lives through the Dark Phoenix, well there’s a certain villain that has the hots for her and her beau.

That’s all for now, give me some of your suggestions! I look forward to it!

“And when the city shall open its gates, the sheep shall flock toward its magnificent light!”
-S. Darkness

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