Covering the Spread 15: In With the New

Hello again Comic Book Invest and welcome back to another issue of Covering the Spread!  Today we again have a book suggested by readers so thank you very much for the suggestions.  Hopefully we’ll continue to get more in the future!

Invincible Iron Man 7

First up we have the first appearance of Ri-Ri Williams aka Ironheart.  This is another new character who I think has a lot of potential.  If there is one thing we know Marvel loves to do it’s replace their flagship characters with a new version.  At least in the comic books anyway.  We have yet to see this happen in film but I suspect that some time after Avengers 5 when they no longer have their Iron Man, Captain America, or Thor to work with we might see some replacements on the big screen as well.  But aside from the bright future I think this character has let’s how it looks as an investment right now!

Without Pressing:

Average Raw Price 47.17
10 Copies 471.65
Shipping Fees (EST) 100
Grading Fees (EST) 180
Selling Fees 95.06
Total Costs 846.71


9.8 Av Price 9.6 Av Price 9.4 Av Price 9.2 Av Price
192.59 71.80 65 90
2 Copies 3 Copies 4 Copies 1 Copy Total Value
385.18 215.40 260 90 950.58

Well things already look pretty good but there are a couple notes I want to get out of the way.  This book as seen a big rise in graded prices over the last few months.  Because of that I will only be including sales from the last few months for my numbers here.  Normally I would use a much wider scope but I think it would be silly of me to include 9.8 copies that sold for less than $50.  That’s not gonna happen anymore.  The other thing I wanted to note was that I had to go back a little further to find a 9.4 graded sale.  Especially looking at how much that 9.2 copy went for I’m sure that this estimate is on the low side.  Anyhow with these numbers we are looking at an upfront investment of $751.65 with profits of $103.87.  That’s a modest spread of +10.38 and an ROI of about 14%.  That’s not the best investment in the world but like I said these numbers are probably a little conservative for graded copies.

Unfortunately with the depressed price I have available for 9.4 graded copies as far as our numbers look pressing would lose you money on this book, but I think the biggest takeaway for me here is that 9.6 and 9.4 copies are being sold too low.  I would be listing my 9.6 copies at a minimum of $100 OBO.


Marvel’s Super Heroes Secret Wars 8

Well Venom finally made it’s way into theaters this week and despite “mixed” reviews it’s setting October records at the box office.  I haven’t quite seen the movie yet but with how much people are selling free comics you got at the door for I would say the market is excited about this movie.  So we go back to the well to look at another Venom related Key.  When I was growing up I always saw this issue listed as the first appearance of the black costume and there are still people listing this book as the first on eBay.  While that isn’t true it does contain the origin of that costume and it’s still a key book.

Without pressing:

Average Raw Price 61.20
10 Copies 612.04
Shipping Fees (EST) 100
Grading Fees (EST) 180
Selling Fees 143.30
Total Costs 1035.34


9.8 Av Price 9.6 Av Price 9.4 Av Price 9.2 Av Price
238.93 134.20 113.54 98.42
2 Copies 3 Copies 4 Copies 1 Copy Total Value
477.86 402.60 454.16 98.42 1433.04

Well the first two things I noticed when researching sales for this book were A: Holy smokes someone sold a 9.9 for an insane amount of money and B: this book is the farthest thing from rare.  If you’re ever looking for a copy you’ll have no trouble finding them.  But for our purposes we will have upfront costs of $892.04 and profits of $397.70.  That’s a nice spread of +39.76 and our ROI would be about 44.5%!  Pretty great numbers for a book that you can find everywhere.

With Pressing:

Average Raw Price 61.20
10 Copies 612.04
Shipping Fees (EST) 100
Grading Fees (EST) 180
Pressing Fees (EST) 120
Selling Fees 161.49
Total Costs 1173.53


9.8 Av Price 9.6 Av Price 9.4 Av Price
238.93 134.20 113.54
3 Copies 5 Copies 2 Copies Total Value:
716.79 671 227.08 1614.87

Pressing is a little interesting on this book.  Pressing fees push our upfront investment up to $1012.04 but it also pushes our profits up to $441.13.  That’s a spread of +44.13 and an ROI of  43.5%  This is a 1% lower return on investment but I would recommend doing it anyway.  Increasing you chances of getting a 9.8 are well worth that little bit of extra risk.

Wrap Up

Well everyone that’s all I’ve got this week!  Sorry we only did a couple books but the whole family has been sick all weekend.  I’ll be back next week with our normal 3 books and as always if anyone has suggestions let me know down in the comments!


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