Covering The Spread 17: Squad Goals

Hello again comic book investors and welcome back to Covering the Spread!  I’m riding high after one of the books in last week’s article has really started to pick up steam!  Hopefully I can carry that momentum over to this week.

If anyone hasn’t heard by now James Gunn has signed on to write, and possibly direct, the next Suicide Squad movie. This is fantastic news!  Say what you will about his tweets, James Gunn is a speculator’s best friend.  He managed to turn a talking racoon and Marvel’s equivalent of a Pokemon into household names and if Suicide Squad 2 goes half as well there will be plenty of money to be made.  With that in mind let’s take some wild guesses about what characters might be appearing in this film and what books we should be buying.

Legends 3

Did you know that this is the first appearance of the modern Suicide Squad?  It must not be common knowledge because somehow this book is less expensive than Suicide Squad 1.  No disrespect to that book we’ll be talking about it in a minute but when is a first appearance worth less than the first issue?  Also this book is in my opinion much more important than Brave and the Bold 25.  The original Suicide Squad didn’t consist of villains which is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear Suicide Squad.  I think this issue is drastically undervalued.


I don’t think it would be worth doing a full breakdown for this book because the hype machine is in full effect right now.  Raw copies have gone from $10-$15 to well over $20 in most cases.  Major online retailers are charging over $30 for VF copies.  There has been a similar push on graded copies with 9.6 copies doubling in price, however for some reason the memo hasn’t reached people selling 9.8 copies.  There are still copies available for under $100 but I don’t think that will last long.

Suicide Squad 1

As I mentioned before I meant no disrespect to this book earlier.  It’s a classic cover to be sure and with all the black this is tough to keep in high grade.  Does all that mean it should be more valuable than Legends 3?  I don’t think so but you can all make your own judgment.  Regardless of the debate between these two books I do think this has plenty of room to grow if this movie is a success.

The Numbers:

Average Raw Price 29.14
10 Copies 291.44
Shipping Fees (EST) 100
Grading Fees (EST) 180
Selling Fees 56.46
Total Costs 627.90


9.8 Av Price 9.6 Av Price 9.4 Av Price 9.2 Av Price
127.27 53.99 29.02 32
2 Copies 3 Copies 4 Copies 1 Copy Total Value
254.54 161.97 116.08 32 564.59

As I mentioned before this book is slightly more expensive than Legends 3.  9.8 copies have already passed the $100 mark.  Raw copies however are all over the place, with some going for closer to $50 and some closer to $15.  If you really want to invest in raw copies you’ll have to watch for good deals.  However using averages we end up with an initial investment of $571.44 and we would lose $63.  You could say that means these raw copies are overpriced but I think the graded copies are actually undervalued.  Time will tell of course but I think 9.8 should end up around $200 once the trailer for the movie drops.

Rampant Speculation

The internet is chalk full of rumors if you’ve never noticed.  A lot of them are useless but some can be very helpful for speculation purposes.  Rumor has it Jared Leto will not be appearing as the Joker in Suicide Squad 2.  James Gunn has made some accusations about Leto that I won’t repeat here but all but guarantee the pair won’t work together.  Plus with another Joker movie already filming starring a different actor I’m sure we won’t see Leto take up the role again.

Given the “mixed” reception for the first film and the removal of the Joker I don’t think it’s crazy to suggest there will be a new team.  Will Smith and Margot Robbie will likely return because of their star power but personally I’d rather see Harley go to Gotham City Sirens and leave the Squad.

With all this in mind here is my top list of Suicide Squad members who I think fit James Gunn’s style.

5. Multiplex

Multiplex is a character who can, you guessed it, multiply himself.  However he has the fun twist that every time he creates a copy of himself they each get smaller and smaller.  Ant-Man has showed us how much fun you can have on screen with miniature people and Gunn could use him to create some comedy gold.  Multiplex makes his first appearance in Firestorm #2.

4. Shade the Changing Man

The history of Shade the Changing Man is a little strange and convoluted in the DC Universe.  He was originally a character created by the great Steve Ditko who mainly was active in alternate dimensions.  He did however end up on earth and join the Squad for a time.  The later Vertigo version of the character retconned all these events to be stories that Shade made up but the character had a strong cult following, much like James Gunn’s older films.  The newer version of the character first appeared in Shade the Changing Man #1 in 1990.

3. Nemesis

Not everyone in the movie can have super powers.  It just doesn’t work for your budget.  The moniker of Nemesis has belonged to a couple characters in the DC universe but the original would be more likely to make an appearance.  Thomas Tresser is essentially a secret agent and master of disguise. If you recall this scene in “The Winter Soldier” you’ve seen the type of disguising he does.

Nemesis would be the perfect fit if Gunn decides to make Suicide Squad 2 more of an espionage film which I think he will.  Tresser makes his first appearance in Brave and the Bold #166.

2.Tattooed Man

The Tattooed Man is a character that was rumored to be appearing in the first Suicide Squad film played by Common.  That character turned out to be entirely unrelated but if DC was paying attention to how excited people were they will be putting him in this one.  His Wikipedia entry already says that he will be in the film if that means anything to you.  There was recently a version on Black Lightning more akin to the second Tattooed Man.  But what we all wanna see tattoos coming to life.  Make it happen Mr. Gunn.  The Tattooed Man first appeared in Green Lantern #23 (good luck with that one) but a more contemporary (and interesting) version appeared later in Skin Graft: Advertures of a Tattooed Man #1.

1. Solomon Grundy

As so as the news broke the Gunn would be working on Suicide Squad 2 Dave Bautista tweeted the news captioned “Sign me up!” Bautista has made it very public that he was not happy about Gunn being fired.  He even threatened to break his contract if Marvel didn’t use Gunn’s script for GOTG3.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see him jump ship to DC.  If I’m being honest the first character I thought of for him was KGBeast, but apparently he already appeared in BatmanVSuperman.  Did anyone notice that without looking it up? Anyway Solomon Grundy is a cool character that we still haven’t seen on the big screen yet.  He could easily fill the role of big bruiser on the Squad (did anyone like Killer Croc?).  Solomon Grundy made his first appearance in All-American Comics #61 but that is well out of reach for most collectors.  Grundy joins the Suicide Squad in Superman #182 if you’re looking for a cheap book to buy.

Wrap Up

Well everyone that’s all I have this week.  Who do you think will end up being in Suicide Squad 2?  Is there anyone else that you think Bautista would be good for?  Let me know in the comments down below and I will see you all next week!

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