Covering The Spread 37

Hello again Comic Book Investors, and welcome to the first Covering the Spread of the new year!  This year my resolution is to help highlight some more books that don’t sell well graded yet.  That might be a contradiction to the goal of this article but  I think there is plenty of room for both here!  Plus this means more cheap books for everyone to pick up.

I enjoyed our discussion of books based on old cartoons so I thought this week we could go along those lines and highlight a few books based on some of my favorite video games.  With that said let’s dive in and take a look at some of my favorites.

Side note special thanks to the amazing Topher, I used this wonderful article for a good portion of my research!


Halo Graphic Novel Preview


This little book is the first time Master Chief, or any part of the Halo universe was printed in comic book form.  This series is tremendously popular and even though that popularity has declined in recent years I think we will see a movie relatively soon.  When that happens there is a good chance that this book will be sought after.  But what does the market look like right now?

As I was writing this article I just bought 2 NM copies from MCS for 1.70 each.  So not good.  I think that’s a mistake though.  There are currently 7 copies of this book on the census.  Sure that’s affected by the low price they sell for but issue 1 of Halo: Uprising has 156 9.8 copies.  There is a 9.8 copy of that book up for auction sitting at $45 with no bids and the last sale was an SS 9.8 that went for under $100

This preview should be worth twice as much as that issue in my opinion.  But then again people do tend to hate on previews.


Sonic The Hedgehog 1


As Topher points out in his article this is not the first appearance of Sonic.  However this is the start of a very long and (I assume) beloved run from Archie.  I say I assume because I’ve never met anyone who really loves this series yet it always seems to sell fairly strong.  So how does it look as an investment?  Well for starters there are only 42 9.8 copies on the census so these aren’t plentiful.

Average Raw Price 31.01
10 Copies 310.13
Shipping Fees (EST) 100
Grading Fees (EST) 180
Selling Fees 107.40
Total Costs 697.53


9.8 Av Price 9.6 Av Price 9.4 Av Price 9.2 (EST) Price
163 100 97 60
2 Copies 3 Copies 4 Copies 1 Copy Total Value
326 300 388 60 1074

So notes to get out of the way ahead of time.  There were two sales for $45 and one sale for $4.04 which resulted in our average.  The $4.04 copy was an auction where the picture was taken with a potato.  Kudos to whoever grabbed that one.  Also that 9.2 price was an estimate on my part but I think it’s fair.

We would have an upfront investment here of $590.13 and come away with profits of $376.47.  That’s a nice spread of +37.65 and an ROI of almost 64%!  It looks like this is a good one to keep your eyes peeled for in the wild.  Especially because I think a lot of Archie books get ignored when people are digging.


Legend Of Zelda 1


This is my favorite of all of these books.  There are just so many things going for it.  First of all, as Topher pointed out this is the first appearance of Zelda, and more than likely would be considered the first appearance of Link as well.  There is also a strong Nintendo collectors market and this book has some crossover appeal with them.  Finally there is the rarity in high grade.  Like most books marketed towards children a lot of these books were abused over the years.  But if you can track down a high grade copy I recommend buying it.  There are only 26 9.8 copies of the regular edition and 0 of the “No price” variant on the CGC census currently.


Well there isn’t a lot of data to go off of here. A 9.6 “No price” variant sold recently for $300.  That could be an outlier because that is the only 9.6 available – It hasn’t even hit the census yet.  But I don’t think that price is crazy for even the regular first print.  If you want a graded copy right now eBay can offer you a 7.5 for $209, or you could purchase the only 9.8 SS copy for $1265.64.

Average sales across the 2 types say you’ll have to pay about $38 for a good copy.  Just make sure you’re buying the 1st print and not the 2nd!  2nd prints will note February on the cover.

That said if you can pay $38 per copy and get them graded you’re essentially printing money it would seem.  If that 7.5 copy is any indication anything over 9.0 will guarantee you a nice profit.

Wrap Up

Well everyone I hope the extra week of waiting was worth it!  Is there another video game related comic that you think is a better investment?  Are these sellers charging to much for Legend of Zelda 1?  Let me know what you think in the comments down below!



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