CPM Manga (Yes, really!!!)

I have never heard anyone talk about CPM’s manga editions in ages, and there’s probably good reason for that. These days, they are probably best known as the folks who produced all those comics that keep filling the quarter bins, but they did publish a fair bit of manga when people wanted more of it and, most importantly (at least in relation to this article) around 2000 they decided to have American artists do variant covers for some of their titles.

The only reason I am talking about this is that I came across one of them, really liked it and, as any good collector would do in the days of the Internet, I went through all of their catalog in order to check if there were others … and there were.

To be honest, I don’t expect this to interest many people, but some of the artists featured below are really good and it’s a pity that some of their work would get lost in time like that. Full disclosure, I only bought one of these (Weather Woman, heaven help me!).

As always, nothing better than an article to share my findings and get some feedback in case I am just losing my mind. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you … THE CPM VARIANTS!!!

Nadesico #1 by Brian Stelfreeze

Nadesico #3 by Ed McGuinness

Princess Prince #1 by Lea Hernandez

Weather Woman #1 by J.G. Jones

Princess Prince #1 by Lea Hernandez

Dark Angel #1 by Dan Brereton

Dark Angel #4 by Jeff Matsuda

Dark Angel #5 by Keron Grant

Dark Angel #20 by James O’Barr

Aquarium #1 by Colleen Doran

Call me Princess #1 by Colleen Doran

… and then there’s Astra, a manga co-created by Jerry Robinson. I will repeat that, a manga co-created by Jerry Robinson. It gets worse, the manga is an adaptation of Jerry Robinson’s planned musical. You can read more about it here. Only bringing it up because of the covers:

Astra #1 by Jim Balent

Astra #2 by Frank Thorne

Astra #3 by J.H. Williams III

Join me next week for some more misery and a some more fantastic comics!!!

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