CW Superhero TV Speculation

As a new CW TV season rapidly approaches I figured it might be a good time to impart some words of wisdom for new collectors. Typically I don’t speculate on CW TV shows anymore, I’ve found it to be a losing proposition in almost all cases. Granted there’s a few that have paid out well, but most of the time you’ve got a very narrow window to make that money.

Beware speculating on superhero TV shows in general. I can’t stress this enough. These seem to have the narrowest window of all the TV related comic speculation in my experience. Speculating on a show based on a comic series seems to have a bit better longevity than a one off hero/villain of the week format like the shows on the CW. The major components for success are almost always the following two parts.

A.) How closely they resemble the characters from the comics.

B.) If they are a recurring character or not.

In my experience, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow have not been the best shows to play the game with. More often than not, the characters have a one off appearance and the narrowest window for flipping. However these are typically related to both the Arrow and Flash TV series.

Let’s get into this selling window real quick. If you are planning to flip books pertaining to CW TV superhero characters, the window is really only about 7 days in most cases….

Obviously they are always going to be exceptions.

This window is between the time that a preview for next week’s episode is released and the episode actually airing. Once the episode airs, depending on the books and characters in question, there’s usually a downhill slide in price. You can list the books prior to this, but the interests is typically much less with a visible spike during the 7 day window.

In some cases a character appearing might be discussed in the media weeks before they appear. Or even foreshadowed over several episodes, or an entire season in advance. Which happened with both Deathstroke and Mister Terrific on Arrow. Reverse Flash, Jesse Quick, Kid Flash and Black Flash also were foreshadowed on the Flash prior to their in costume or final reveal.

Another piece of advice for buyers of these books. Once an eBay listing mentions a character appearing “on TV” or in a movie spelled out in the headline, that listing price has markup on it. The seller is wise to the character appearing. Now that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy it necessarily. You never know when a book is going to continue to increase due to demand. One of the nice things about DC character speculation is just because they are appearing on TV, that doesn’t automatically exclude them from making a film appearance down the road. Remember, DC TV and Films are separate.

Something else to consider. You are the market, I’ve said this before. However, if you go out and buy up this stuff then yes, it’s going to appear there’s interest in these books. So naturally that’s going to affect the market. I think many times a handful of people buy up books and that in turn causes the perceived interest to be greater than it actually is.

Meaning, if copies are selling on eBay in the weeks leading up to a character appearing on TV. That doesn’t mean once the character appears those books will now sell for $20. It could mean that copies sold to speculators who think they can flip them for more money. So checking sold listing on eBay isn’t always going to be an accurate gauge of genuine interest. Many times, sold listing reflect the number of people looking to capitalize on a book more than anything else.

Well, That’s it for this week, it’s mercifully short I know…

Till next Week!

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