Cyberfrog, Bumblebee, Aeon Flux, Winnie the Pooh & More!


Welcome back to True Firsts.  As I am building a Lego Hall of Justice from scratch all I could muster up this week are these fine quarter bin gems.  Now go get diggin’!



Transformers Bumblebee to the Rescue Coloring Book ( 1984 )

First published Bumblebee cover

There is a chance I am wrong on this but I believe this is his first cover.  Did you see the trailer?  If not stop reading this and go have a quick cry!

These books came out in 1984 and there were a few.  The cool thing is that many featured designs of popular characters that were vastly different from the cartoon.  They are rare and even harder to find without crayon damage.



Star Wars Tales of the Jedi Dark Lords of the Sith Ashcan

First appearance of Exar Kun


Cool as ice gangster Drydon Vos, from the Solo movie, stirred a lot of die hards with his Easter egg filled trophy room.  For me, seeing a Sith Holocron and the Indiana Jones Idol caused a geek seizure right in the theater. There were other tasty treats too including a nod to Exar Kun!  IF you don’t know who he is get on over to Wookiepedia and be amazed as he is now canonized!

Kun first appeared in the SW Dark Lords of the Sith comic series from Dark Horse.  There was an ashcan which predated the series.  You can currently find this cheap so buying low and stashing it isn’t a bad idea.  The complete mini is worth a buy and hold for some other firsts that may be important down the road.


Iron Man DJI

First Donnie Cates work for Marvel ( 2015 )

Cates is still tearing it up at Marvel and while his run on Thanos is king he did write for Marvel a few years earlier.



Marvel Super Special 41

Is Lea Thompson really pitching a Howard the Duck sequel?  It sure looks that way!





Le Journal De Mickey 772

First appearance and first cover for Winnie the Pooh

If the Christopher Robin trailer didn’t bring a tear to your eye then you probably aren’t human.  Winie the Pooh is a cultural icon and has a huge fanbase both old and young.  I never really considered his comic appearances before so I was surprised to find that his first comic appearance was in this oversized French book.  Pooh’s history goes back much  furhter than Disney’s involvement but as far as comics go this is his first.  I would also add the Gold Key series and its Whitman variants as comics to look for if you collect Pooh.  Some of the Whitmans are as hard to find as any comic on Earth.

The rarest Pooh Whitman…



There are a lot of things I hope will see a resurrection in popularity.  Cyberfrog was not necessarily on the top of that list but a massive Kickstarter by Ethan Van Sciver cannot be denied.  The Hall of Heroes issues are on fire as are the early Harris issues but there are some other early appearances and oddities you just might not know about…

War of the Independents 1

Vampirella Crossover Gallery 1

Cyberfrog 1 ( Harris Ultra Violent Edition )

Vantage 16

Advance Comics 93

Preview of Cyberfrog 1

Harris Hotline 15

And another Cyberfrog Preview…

There was also a mailaway censored print from 1996 that appears to be quite rare.  Thanks to G+ member Bryan McClay for pointing this out!


Aeon FLux: The Herodotus File

First appearance of Aeon Flux

It looks like MTV is going to to a live action Flux show!



Green Lantern Secret Files 2

First Geoff Johns of GL

Geoff Johns is stepping down at DC to get back to writing and that includes a Green Lantern Corps film!  Johns is credited with reinvigorating Hal Jordan and the GL franchise back in the early 2000’s.  His first work on Green Lantern was here…

and the film is said to based on his GL run so this one is also a cheap buy,


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