Dark Power Rangers?


James Van der Beek and Katie Sackhoff star in a short film directed by Joseph Kahn showing us the dark future of the adult Power Rangers.

While I never was a Power Rangers fan, my seven year old son has watched every episode thanks to the glory of Netflix. The tone of this short film is so dark and adult targeted, I am glad that I watched it first without him. Not that the profanity would have been over the top, but for him to see “his” Power Rangers fight in this blood bath would be upsetting.

Taking little guy out of the equation, this was a fun watch.


Well, Haim Saban, who owns the rights to the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, sent DCMA takedown notices to Vimeo and Youtube about the video.  Which really sucks because this was well done for a fan film.   It is starting to look like there will be a legal battle over this video.   Fun while it lasted.