Darkness, ALIAS, Iron Patriot and More!

Welcome back to True Firsts!  As always I intend on providing some picks you may not have considered over the past week or so.  Feel free to comment, correct or share.



Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen 139

First appearance of Bruno Manhiem

The head of Interegang was name dropped on another show, this time Supergirl.  Who knows what the TV future is for this villain with connections to Darksield.




Cybereforce Sourcebook 2

First appearance of Darkness

I am going to warn you in an effort to curb any backlash and say that the money is in Witchblade 10, 10 signed, 10 gold and any newsstand you can find for 10, or Cyberforce 25.   But… Cyberforce Sourcebook 2 IS the first time Jackie is seen in a comic.  This issue features pinup previews of the Darkness by Queen and Silvestri!  It predates any other comic book image, preview or appearance by many, many months.



Gambit 13

First appearance of Jim Rhodes as Iron Patriot

No one knows what the Dark Avengers movie will be or who will be on the roster.  This means the speculation is on!  I’m into this cheap play.  It has a great cover and is the first time Rhodes becomes Iron Patriot.  I’m having as hard a time buying into Osborn as a centerpiece as much as I am Lex Luthor as Mockingbird in a Secret Six movie.  But an already established movie character who might have an axe to grind could easily get the spotlight in a future phase for Marvel films



Birds of Prey 11

OK so no first here but I just can’t stop looking at this one.  With the outside possibility the Villains United/Luthor Secret Six speculation paying off there just aren’t a lot of great Catman covers out there.  This in one, look for a newsstand.




Buena Vista Lab 2 & MAD 441

First appearance of ALIAS

Alias is getting a reboot! If you haven’t seen this show the first three seasons are worth watching right away.

Sydney Bristow did have a comic first in this odd book, Beuna Vista Lab 2. She also appeared in Mad 441 but I cannot confirm if there is an Alias comic or spoof within.




The Art of Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

NBC is looking to adapt the Last American Vampire. The main character ( the vampire from Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter ) does have a comic appearance.

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