DC Comics March 2019 Solicits Has – or Had – Eric Esquivel Writing Nightwing

Today, DC Comics were intended to release their solicitations for March 2019. But delays to Diamond Comic Distributors schedules for the week, thanks to a combination of Free Comic Book Day and Christmas holiday planning put the kibosh on that for the moment. All we have are what has been Frankensteined and what has been leaked.

Otherwise, this solicitation for Nightwing #58 would have been released and all hell would have broken loose. Leaked by Tako to Bleeding Cool, we have been able to independently confirm its veracity.

Allegations of harassment and abuse have been made against Eric Esquivel and DC Comics cancelled the remaining issues of Border Town as a result and made all previous issues returnable.

But it looks like it was planned for him to take over scripting duties on Nightwing from Fabian Nicieza, over Scott Lobdell‘s plots, with an aim for Eric Esquivel to be the new ongoing writer on the title.

It seems likely that this will now change too. And delays to the printing of the Previews catalogue may give DC a chance to amend it at the printers as well.

This is how it would have run.

art and cover by CHRIS MOONEYHAM
variant cover by TYLER KIRKHAM
The Joker’s Daughter is back! Or is she? While she wasn’t shot in the head like Nightwing, Duela Dent might be facing an identity crisis even more traumatic than Ric Grayson’s. Fortunately the new Nightwings are doing their best to protect BlUdhaven-learning as they go-allowing Ric to try to help steer Duela away from the life of a homicidal zealot of the crazy Clown Prince of Crime!
ON SALE 03.20.19 $3.99 US
This issue will ship with two covers. Please see the order form for details.

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