DC New 52 MAD MAGAZINE Variants

Welcome back to another Run Recap!  This week we take a look at the 2014 Mad Magazine Variant Run from April of that year.  Not to be confused with the Mad 1:10 variant covers from A lot of these titles were at issue #30 by this As with most of the other New 52 Variants from that month, they were 1:25 Incentive variants.  As with most of the DC Variant run from the #27 (Of most issues) Scribblenauts to the final “gimmick variant month” #31 being Batman ’66, some are common and very affordable, while others belong on a ghost list.

Below each comic is the cover artist as well as the max number of the variant(based on the 1:25 ration against the stated print run of the comic) that could exist.

Remember a lot of stores were not ordering enough of most of these titles to qualify and that some of the projected numbers are actually much lower.

Action Comics #30

1,512 copies

Aquaman #30

1316 copies

Batgirl #30

1,307 copies

Batman #30

4,359 copies

Batman / Superman #10

2,194 copies

Batman and Wonder Woman #30

1,793 copies

Batwoman #30

768 copies

Detective Comics #30

2,245 copies

Earth 2 #22

1,398 copies

Flash #30

1,332 copies

Green Lantern #30

1,779 copies

Green Lantern Corps #30

1,065 copies

Harley Quinn #5

2,526 copies

Justice League #30

3,098 copies

Justice League Dark #30

1,107 copies

Justice League of America #14

2,054 copies

Nightwing #30

1,756 copies

Superman #30

1,492 copies

Superman / Wonder Woman #7

1,806 copies

Teen Titans #30

1,028 copies

Wonder Woman #30

1,243 copies

Max available print runs determined using comichron.com’s posted sales information.

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