As of today, wegotthiscovered.com is reporting that DC has a Doctor Fate movie in the works.


It is theorized that the version they are looking to use will be Khalid Nassour incarnation of Dr Fate, who first appears in the 2015 Doctor Fate #1.



The first 3 issues of this run all have variants.  Cheap copies of #1 as well as the Variants for all 3 issues would be on my radar if I planned on speculating on a Doctor Fate movie.

DOCTOR FATE #1 Variant

DOCTOR FATE #2 Variant 


DOCTOR FATE #3 Variant


For those who really want to go down the rabbit hole, there is a free preview that came out in 2015 BEFORE Doctor Fate #1 : DC Sneak Peek: Dr. Fate #1 which is found in AQUAMAN CONVERGENCE #2.



Thanks to Jason Shaw for hipping us to this new development and thanks to Tim Walker for figuring out where the Sneak Peek is located!!


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