Dead Rabbit, Wild Cards, The Saint, Sweet Tooth and More!

Another week, another True firsts!  I hope you find these books appealing and dare I say, a challenge to find?




Image +12 ( 2018 ) & Diamond Previews 349

Another day,  another preview!  Well this time you might have some real trouble ever seeing this one again.  Since Diamond issued a mandatory recall on Dead Rabbit that means they must have recalled these right?  Well I can’t get a straight answer but considering how stores manhandle them I bet you will have trouble getting one in high grade, if at all.

NOTE:  If you are buying those print to order, 4th edition Dead Rabbit bar comics remember that the comic is technically a reprint and at this point I can reasonably say that the comic first appeared in the 2nd edition from 2014 and was limited to 2000 copies.




Poe Damerson 8

First appearance of Death Troopers

Looks like the Death Troopers are going to a part of The Mandalorian TV show! Considering how Star Wars inspires collectors obsession with badass armor this one might be a bit of a sleeper.
They first appeared in Poe Dameron 8 which had a 1:25 and I believe the first cover was Rogue One 3 which also has a 1:10 but the Noto is much better.
Rogue One A Star Wars Story 3,3b
First Death Trooper Cover




Wild Cards 1

First appearance of Wild Cards

This is just another example of why you shouldn’t discard every speculative comic if the adaptation doesn’t happen right away.  Now I am not saying that these are going to jump in value but George Martin is still relevant and there is a market for GOT comics.  Unfortunately this book probably had too high a print run so look for the trade, it is not easy to snag.



The Avengers 26 ( Panini )

This rarity reprints the Stan Lee/Bruce Timm story from Marvel’s 75th Anniversary Celebration which is currently selling for some pretty crazy prices.  These foreign books are something I like to spotlight often.  Though it’s tough to really tell how rare a book like this is,  they are quite a challenge to acquire, even online.




Active Comics 277 & Sentry Man 117

OK I know what you are thinking, ” Hey!  Those aren’t real comics! ”  Well yes, that is true but they just might be some of the rarest movie prop comics ever produced.  You see these were made for the movie Unbreakable, a film which is wrapping up a trilogy very soon.  Since the final entry is called Glass, named after the franchise’s lead villain I thought I would mention these. You can get replicas made by some pretty creative fans but some of these were actually made by the studio and sold to the public.  They are only covers which wrap known comics but man are they cool!



Marvel Graphic Novel 17: Revenge of the Living Monolith

First appearance of the one true Venom???

This is less about speculation and more about the true nature of Venom’s origin.
I guess the general consensus is that Web of Spider-Man is Venom’s first appearance and yes I can hear the collective groans but…that book has gained some legitimacy over the past few years and continues to sell well. Issue 24 has also picked up some steam though it remains a bit more unknown to those who are not die hard Venom fans. That book is even more important as we see Venom for the first time,

( and yes it’s just an arm )

No matter what your position is they are very important because someone in those books is not affected by Spider-Man’s Spidey sense. In my opinion that makes them key books regardless of who is trying to push Pete onto train tracks or off his webbing.

So why mention them again?  Well the problem is that the character isn’t Eddie Brock. Web writer at the time, David Michelinie wrote issues 18, 24 with the idea that the character who would later become Venom was a woman. It wasn’t until crafting ASM 300 that then editior Jim Shooter shot that idea down and David went to his backup plan, turning Eddie Brock into Venom. This also reminds me that issues of Spectacular 107-110 are huge Eddie/Venom origin books that often get overlooked.  Without the Sin Eater angle Eddie never becomes Venom.

The reality here is that the character in Web 18 and Web 24 is, in fact, a woman and was only retconned into Eddie Brock. As fans we rarely take retcons to be comic fact especially when we are talking about speculation! Yea yea, Jessica Jones appeared in ASM 4 and Apocalypse first appeared in Marvel Graphic Novel 17… Oh wait, Revenge of the Living Monolith was also written by David Michelinie? Hmmmmmm….

Well it turns out Revenge of the Living Monolith is not only the retconned first appearance of Apocalypse ( a badass story btw ) but it’s also the first appearance of the woman who was set to become Venom! As David explains it, his idea was that the woman would become Venom eventually crosses paths with the symbiote. This occurs after an accident in the MGN 17 leads the loss of her baby.

This idea would later be fleshed out in comics leading up to ASM 300. Just like Eddie, the woman blames Spider-Man only for a different reason. It kind of makes me sad because that story is a much better idea and we were robbed of it. This concept germinated in Web 18, and 24 until the plan was shot down by Jim Shooter because, according to him, readers would never believe a woman could stand toe to toe with Spider-Man.

So what we have here is a character who is the unnamed, original Venom who first appeared in a book that later became the retconned first appearance of a Apocalypse through sexism. Well done House of Ideas!

In my opinion you can’t change the past, only rework your narratives to support the stories you currently want to tell. She exists and always will thanks to these panels. Today we are left to wonder what could of been.



Silver Streak Comics 18

First appearance of the Saint

I am not sure why we need a remake after Val Kilmer’s awesome movie but it is happening.



House of Mystery 16

First appearance of Sweet Tooth via 8 page color preview

Another great Lemire title was optioned this past week.  Sweet Tooth is an excellent series so I was super excited when the news broke on this.  Clearly if your read my articles you know I go hunting for previews and other tidbits when a property gets announced.  In Sweet Tooth’s case the book was previewed in nearly half a dozen books prior to the release of issue 1.  But House of Mystery 16, which has the preview, was released one week before any other comic containing the pages.  It also has a pretty low print run.



If you are a fan, completest or both, Gus makes  appearances in these books too!



Black Hammer: Age of Doom 8


Futures End 41

Look close, he is in there!



Vertigo Quarterly 4

I believe this book is important as it deals with Gus’s origin

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