Dell’Otto Sketch Cover Will Be Part of Hurricane Harvey Charity Auction!!!

If you’re part of the G+ group you have probably read about Scott Robertson organizing a new charity auction for victims of Hurricane Harvey. As always, we will publish an announcement here with all the links so that you can all bid. However, we wanted to bring a spotlight to one of the covers that will be up for auction … a Dell’Otto skech cover featuring Harley Quinn!!!

Mr. Dan Scott (from Scott’s Collectables over at the UK) has offered to donate this wonderful sketch cover to help our cause. It’s breathtaking and unreal and should give us the ability to raise some incredible money to help our friends out in the Houston area of Texas and possibly Florida.

Mr. Scott hasn’t asked for anything in return, but if you guys would do us the favor and head over to his Facebook page and check out the other Dell’Otto sketches he has upcoming for sale, I would really appreciate it. He is, after all, giving away a book that could earn him thousands of pounds.

Here are some of the sketches that he will be offering for sale soon. They are beautiful and shows why this group fell in love with Gab last year.

Please go check out Dan’s Facebook page. He is one of the few people that have access to Dell’Otto and Mattina and most signings that have been done are through him and his wonderful company.

Thank you Dan, Matthew Arnold and Scott Robertson for truly being amazing people. We as CBSI can’t thank you enough.

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