Diesel City’s October Horrors

Hello Goblins and welcome to the greatest month of all months; October. I’ve been extremely busy as I’ve purchased a home recently, so this will be brief, but I will do my best to try and get some fun material out there for your enjoyment!

Alas, I must begin on a somber note and pay a great deal of reverence to all of the victims and people recovering from the inhumane and tragic domestic terror attack that transpired in Las Vegas, Nevada. The concept of Diesel City is heavily influenced by the people and culture of Las Vegas, and the idea itself would be nothing without it. That being said, my condolences and thoughts are with you all.

As stated above, I’m an October and Halloween enthusiast! So much so that I’m in the process of writing a four-part novel about a horror hunter and his incredible adventures. I’d love to say that by this time next year it gets published … but perhaps that’s wishful thinking.

Whenever I think about Halloween and comics I always think back to one of my favorite Halloween themed covers; Wolverine Origins #29 (Deodato Variant). The cover is just awesome and fun. Some of you who have just gotten into the comic game may not be familiar with the cover. Not a lot of value, but an excellent holiday choice.

Anyway, I want to stick with the spooky October theme and rally off a list of Comic Book Characters that I wouldn’t want to meet in a dark ally! I’m going to base this off of sheer “scare” factor. Like sure, it would be awful to meet Galactus anywhere… but homeboy wears purple on the reg and is about as physically scary as Penelope Pitstop from Wacky Races. I’ll also leave out Venom and Carnage (due to burnout), although they would both be terrifying. I also considered the Joker, but remember, we’re talking physically scary not psychologically (unless you have a fear of clowns…then, I missed on that one). The more and more I think about it, who am I to tell you what’s scary? You tell me! My suggestions hopefully just get the ball rolling!

The Lizard

First appearing in Amazing Spider-Man #6, the lizard has become more and more frightening as the years go by. Razor sharp teeth mixed with claws, reflexes, strength, and speed = you’re not lasting too long. (Killer Croc would be a fair substitute).

The Hood

One of my personal favorite characters, first appearing in the Hood #1. Parker Robbins becomes possessed by Dormammu after discovering a random cloak and boots in an abandoned warehouse. When The Hood goes full demon on you, much like he did in the New Avengers series…it’s scary!


First appearing in Iron Fist #14 Sabretooth was an A-list 90s villain. He fell off some but began making a strong comeback from 2008 on. He’s animalistic in nature and you’d stand little to no chance of escaping. His speed mixed with his bloodlust and ferocity would be a true terror.

There are many many more characters to choose and debate over, these are just three that I felt were excellent candidates. I look forward to reading below the three comic book characters YOU would be scared to bump into.

So until next time Goblins. Those lights…even when they burn out, they leave a haunting shine.

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