Doctor Destiny, Stealth Suits, Black Widow, Chain Mail Bikinis and More!

Holy crap did you all see that new Bumblebee trailer?  The transformers actually look like the Transformers not some generic, CGI metallic mess that we have become accustom to!

Beyond that this week has been worse than last week in terms of comic spec but I will do my best to give you all something to satify that urge to buy!




Red Sonja’s chain mail bikini

First appearance Comixscene 5

With the Red Sonja movie seeing more developments I think it’s important to note the 1st time she wears her famous chain mail bikini. The first cover for the Bikini and a full story was in Savage Sword of Conan 1.  I’m not a huge fan of that cover because costume isn’t completely visible.  Savage 1 also reprints the original illustration and design by Esteban Maroto from the rare Sterenko publication Comixscene 5. Comixscene predates all others. The original art was redone for this rare Dynamite variantas a colored cover and man is it rare! Personally
I dig this bikini cover the most.  It is a first comic cover and in full view unlike Savage Sword of Conan 1

Transformers 3

First appearance of Shockwave

Of all the cool appearances by the Transformers in the trailer for Bumblebee nothing got me as excited as seeing the original Shockwave!  He made his first comic appearance here.


and his first cover


NOTE:  There are pricing variants for these and if you a really obsessive collector these types of appearances were later reprinted in the UK, many of which are very hard to find.




So here is a theory I have a already seen some crazies posit on the web. I want to expand upon the idea a bit.  Now before I take any more heat from the insane  please read;

Unfortunate need for a disclaimer:

Admittedly this one is out there and is merely meant to spark debate. I am NOT suggesting anyone from Ohio or other places throughout the galaxy go out and buy this book.


I think there is a possibility that Captain Marvel is a Skrull. You want to make a movie with a twist? We have seen enough hero movies with the same tired themes and resolutions. What a better way to throw a curve ball at movie goers by revealing that Danvers is actually a Skrull.

Making her a Skrull agent who becomes a hero would be shocking and something totally new. But it wouldn’t be new in the comics!  Now I understand why people would find this to be unlikely.   is Marvel going to turn it’s first female lead into a villain?  No.  I see only two ways this plays out if true, the real Danvers is still out there imprisoned or she’s has an implant ( as alluded to in Doctor Strange ) that puts her under the control of the Skrulls and it directly contributes to her sanity.  Who knows maybe her mental illness is the reason for her abscence from all the other Marvel cinematic events and that pager Fury uses at the end of Infinity War is an activation switch.

Before you tell me I am nuts there is some evidence for this Skrull idea  in the trailer. She appears to be a conflicted woman who doesn’t know who or what she really is. She tells Fury she isn’t what she appears to be and like Khn’nr from Secret Invasion she is shown having her mind toyed with. Her memories of flying and playing baseball may very well be the memories of Carol Danvers merged with a Skrull to dupe agencies like SHIELD and warriors like the Kree. There is clearly an element of mental illness here. I have seen some online state that the device is Kree and though the interior colors seem to match Kree colors if we look to the Captain Marvel Mini from 2008 the tech appears to be Skrull. Either way it is the same type of device used to create a fake Captain Marvel who believes he is the hero who dies of Cancer.

As for speculation, well that is tough. In the comics the Skrull who is Captain Marvel is the original Captain Marvel not Danvers. The first appearance of that Skrull is in the Civil War one-shot the Return and he is later revealed to be a Skrull in issues 3-5 of the mini. In this mini he struggles with the same sort of inner conflicts Carol does in the trailer. Who knows but it’s a theory that is bound to come up.




It looks like the plot for the Black Widow film has leaked. As far as books to look for beyond her first appearance and first Avengers appearance I like these:

( introduces the idea of Natasha being raised as a KGB operative)
( introduces murder orphanage )
First appearance of Black Widow ( Yelena Belova )
Thanks to G+ member Steven Trovei for this one!
( There are multiple covers for this issue but this one is the rarest )
First cover for Yelena Belova and first appearance of the Red Room
First appearance of the Black Widow’s black costume
Here are a couple of other books to look for in relation to that odd

Spider-Man stealth suit rumor for the next live action film.  650 and 648 are the books people are digging for but there are a few more…

Released in February or possible March of 2011, around the same time as ASM 650.  It is tough to get a clear date on this one.
First appearance of Stealth Armor 2
First appearance of Border Town
This incredible series makes it’s first here in this rare flip book.  I would prefer to have this  but I’ll take it
First appearance of Doctor Destiny
DC is teasing some new character for the CW crossover called Dr. John Deegan. Could he be Doctor Destiny? There is no John Deegan in DC comics but there is a John Dee and DC’s description of the character is telling.

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