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Uncanny X-Men #232234

So, by now we’ve all seen that Brood Thor is coming to the Avengers in issue #28 this December. Granted we know this won’t last very long, but it’s still pretty fun and the Brood is one of the cooler alien races of the Marvel Universe.

Now there is an outside chance you can luck into a 1st appearance of the Brood in Uncanny X-Men #155, but you have a better shot coming across their return in this 3-issue storyline from 1988. Classic Claremont.

You are probably also familiar with that gorgeous Marc Silvestri Wolverine cover for issue #234, and I pick those up every time I see them. But you can still get this set super cheap. Claremont X-Men books are always worth a buck.

Recent Sales Data:

CGC 9.8 232 – $69.95 on 9/30
CGC 9.8 233 – $39.99 on 5/21
CGC 9.8 234 – $99.99 on 9/16
Raw 232 – $2.84 on 11/12
Raw 233 – $3.94 on 10/29
Raw 234 – $6.50 on 11/9
Raw Set – $4.25 on 10/27


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Star Brand #1

Also coming this January in the pages of Avengers is the return of the Star Brand. Marvel is planning on introducing a new bearer of the Star Brand, but it wouldn’t hurt to grab the previous bearers from the dollar bins.

The original Star Brand character 1st appeared in Marvel’s New Universe in 1986. I know we’ve all seen these New Universe issues in the discount bins. So why not grab Kenneth Connell’s 1st adventure with the Star Brand.

The next bearer 1st appeared in Avengers V5 #7, but he only lasted until Marvel Legacy #1. So that’s all from Kevin Connor. I guess Marvel really wanted to be loyal to that KC alias. Maybe the next one will be named Karen Connett? 

But who knows who the next bearer will be? We’ll just have to wait until Jan 2020 to see if it will be another KC.

Recent Sales Data:

CGC 9.8 #1 – $139.99 on 9/3
CGC 9.8 #7 – N/A
Raw #1 – $3.99 on 11/10
Raw #7 – $2.20 on 9/10


Don’t Feel Like Digging?


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