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I’m sure I am not alone in my enjoyment of The Mandalorian on Disney + right now, so I thought I would look at some Star Wars books this week. I’m working on a full article for Usual Suspects, but I found a few books of interest in that research that can still be found in dollar bins.

So, who knows if any of these books or characters will tie into anything forthcoming on Disney +, but I have been looking for them recently and scored a couple out of dollar bins so I figured why not highlight some possible tie ins books to take a flier on. Plus, these are solid reads. Best thing about dollar books is the downside is limited at a buck.




Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi
The Sith War #1-6

These Dark Horse books may not be considered “canon”, they like the novels, offer a wealth of characters and potential story to mine and bring back to be “canonized.” Look at what they did on Star Wars Rebels (underrated series BTW) in bringing Thrawn into the official Star Wars mythos.

So why these books, well apart from telling . This series introduces Mandalore the Indomitable, who was the Taung Mand’alor (Big Kahuna) of the Mandalorian race way back during the Old Republic era. 

By the series end we are also introduced, Mandalore the Ultimate, who took his predecessor’s armor and declared himself the new Mand’alor. We may see more into the Mandalorian culture, so it’s possible we may hear mention of one of these O.G. Mandalorians.

This is the way.

Recent Sales Data:

CGC 9.8 #1 – $75.00 on 6/6/18
Raw – $4.00 on 9/19
Complete 6 issue set – $17.95 on 11/15

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Kanan: The Last Padawan #1

Going back to that mention of Star Wars Rebels (which is canon), this issue features the 1st appearance of most of the crew of The Ghost. But the crew member I am most interested in is Sabine Wren.

Shout to Mike Morello who touched on Sabine in last week’s Cover Tunes. While Sabine isn’t on any of the 7 covers for this issue, she is inside.

Now apart from being a canon Mandalorian, why else could she be significant? She did wield the Darksaber which is something I will get into more in depth in my next Usual Suspects article.

But these early return to Marvel Star Wars books were heavily printed so there are plenty to be found out there in the bins. So for a buck, take a shot. And if you haven’t watched Rebels, give it a try. It starts off slow, but it finishes strong.

Recent Sales Data:

CGC 9.8 – $34.00 on 6/30
Raw – $2.48 on 10/22

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