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Welcome back for this week’s edition of Dollar Bin Digging

So, this week I have a couple quick hits for you. The first is a reminder of old spec of days long past. and with a solicitation for a new character showing up next week, I was reminded of this character. 

And then for our second selection this week, I wanted to take a quick look forward at a location that will come into play in the next installment of the MCU. 

Yes, I know, “Location spec”? But for a buck, what do you have to lose if you come across it? I’m just laying out books you should be aware of while you are out there digging. Sometimes for value, sometimes for story, and sometimes for fun. So, without further ado, let’s dive into those bins…



Echo – Ronin

Daredevil #9 1st Maya Lopez

So next week’s solicit for Hawkeye Freefall #1 notes that there will be a new Ronin as the potential villain for that series. And while everyone thinks of Hawkeye as Ronin, thanks to Endgame; it should be noted that Maya Lopez was actually the first Ronin who appeared in New Avengers #11 and that was revealed in issue #13

Clint didn’t pick up that mantle until #27. New Avengers #11 has been cleared out by Endgame speculators long ago, but you may can easily scoop up #13 if you are interested.

Daredevil #9 is an old spec issue for Echo’s 1st app, so this may not be that easy to find in Dollar Bins. But there are still copies buried out there. Books like this get forgotten about and they may not get pulled anymore from collections as being anything special.

Recent Sales Data:

CGC Census DD #9 – 102
CGC 9.8 DD #9 – $89.99 on 12/7
Raw DD #9 – $8.99 on 12/12
Raw NA #11 – $10.00 on 12/25
Raw NA #13 in a lot – $0.95 on 12/9

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The Red Room:
Black Widow Vol 1 #2,
Black Widow Vol 3 #4 & #5

So, by now we all know this infamous “Red Room” (Красная комната) will be featured in the new Black Widow movie. 

And while The Red Room was mentioned by Yelena Belova during her encounter with Natasha in issue #1 of that first mini-series, we did not get our actual first look at it until Issue #2 back in 1999. If that is indeed the room. It’s kind of unclear if this is “The” Red Room or just a red room that shows up in a few panels.

Issue #1 may be tough to find for a dollar, but I found issue #2 myself just a couple weeks ago, so they are out there.

But in a subsequent mini-series in Vol 3 of BW we get flashes of what could be the Red Room Academy which is more in line with what I expect them to explore in the movie. These panels appeared in issues #4 & #5 with art by Bill Sienkiewicz.

Recent Sales Data:

CGC 9.8 BW V1 #2 – $40.29 on 12/15
Raw V1 #2- $6.99 on 12/3
Raw V3 complete #1-6 – $9.99 on 12/20

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