Dollar Bin Digging




Incredible Hulk #441

Hulk books litter dollar bins. Especially issues from the 90’s. Most Incredible Hulk Issues in the 400’s are just bin filler. A few exceptions are the recently hot 418/419 (1st Talos), # 449 (1st Thunderbolts), and this pretty cool Pulp Fiction Homage cover.

I literally have just found this in the wild at a flea market this past weekend. I had been keeping my eye out for one for a while now. So while you’re out digging, if you come across a patch of Hulks, just keep a lookout for this yellow cover.


Recent High Sales Data:

CGC 9.4 – $99.99 on 9/16/18
Raw – $17.99 on 8/20/18, Newsstand – $33.99, 9/16/18


Don’t Feel Like Digging?




New Teen Titans #26

Another book that packs dollar bins are Teen Titans. Issues from the various incarnations are difficult to sift through, but I always grab this one when I see it. This issue features the 1st appearance of Terra.

She could potentially find herself appearing on the DC Streaming Titans show at some point. Once again, $1 spec on a first appearance is always a good move in my book. What do you got to lose? A dollar. The answer is a dollar.


Recent High Sales Data:

CGC 9.8 – $74.99, 7/16/18, CGC SS 9.8 – $150, 8/4/18
Raw – $12.00 on 7/2/18


Don’t Feel Like Digging?

So until next time, keep on digging. Who knows what you’ll find…

“Fortune and glory, kid. Fortune and glory.” – Henry Jones Jr.


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