Donny Cates, The All-Black, Prophet, Hellcat, Daybreak and More!

Dark Horse Presents 24

First published work of Donny Cates

This dude continues to set the speculative market on fire. Mash-ups, retcons, a complete disregard for continuity…it doesn’t matter.  He’s got people talking about Marvel and that what counts.  First published works are often hit or miss.  This one has a killer cover but due to the format it is not difficult to acquire in high grade.



Thor God of Thunder 2 1:50

First appearance of the All-Black ( proto-symbiote ), aka the Necrosword aka the Godkiller aka the Annihiliblade!!!

Donnie Cates gives us Knull then an issue later sends people scrambling.  Thankfully this change to the history of the symbiote is more than just a parlor trick or ill conceived retcon.

Thor God of Thunder 6 is a fine comic but is it really the first appearance of the symbiote god Knull?   Honestly, what do we really see there?  Knull is wounded and loses the All-Black, a weapon of his own design and the first symbiote bestowed with the power to kill gods.  Knull’s weapon is then stolen by an opportunistic native,  Gorr.  But we never really see Knull, only the All-Black suit which is strikingly similar to the one Gorr later uses to fly in space.  Look I like issue 6, the whole series is a must own.  What Cates has done is bring to the forefront a legendary Thor run and woven it into an intriguing, currently relevant story line. But issue 2 is the book and here’s why.

It has the benefit of a few things 6 does not.  It is the first appearance of an exceptional villain, Gorr ( who is on the cover of a recent variant, thanks Mel V. ) and it has a killer Acuna Variant limited to 1:50.  And now it is the first appearance of the All-Black, a symbiote with more power than any other, a weapon designed with one purpose…to kill freakin’ gods.   What is the next Infinity Gauntlet?  Who knows but speculating on this contender isn’t a bad move.


 NOTE:  There is a second printing for issue 2 and the sword was not named until Thor took possession in GOT issue 11.



History of the DC Universe 2/The Outsiders 6

First appearance of the Post Crisis Batman


This book remains the first appearance of the modern Suicide Squad but for some reason is still pretty easy to find in dollar bins everywhere.  It is also the first appearance of the post-crisis Batman who’s origin was augmented by Frank Miller with Year One.  That arc is set to be the inspiration for the next film.

If first appearances aren’t your thing and a narrative is necessary his first post Crisis appearance is right here.



Fantastic Four Annual 3

First 616 Patsy Walker

If Hellcat were to appear in full costume in Season 3 of Jessica Jones there are two books I like that can be found for reasonable prices right now. Other than issue 7 from the 2016 series and maybe the 1:25, the Bam Fried Pie variant for issue 1 is undervalued and imo the best Hellcat cover besides maybe Avengers 144.
If they ever do an all female avengers film I bet you a few of the ladies on this cover make the team. It features Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel, All New Wolvie, Squirrel Girl, Spider-Gwen, Silk…it’s a who’s who of current, popular comic chicks.

And then there is the Fantastic Four Annual 3 which is really her first appearance in the 616. Here earlier appearances were as a fictional character within the Marvel universe only.

TV spec is a crazy game but Jones is a popular series. The FF book is not exactly cheap in high grade but it’s not out of reach either and the Bam book can be found for under 5 bucks.



Smallville Season Eleven 1

First appearance of Otis Berg

First Otis Berg? I think so. I couldn’t find him in a movie adaptation but it is possible.  If I am wrong please let me know that I have done the character a great injustice.
Otis is set to get what he deserves by coming to Supergirl on the CW.

NOTE:  His first in-continuity appearance was in Forever Evil 2 which has multiple covers, all terrible.




Diamond Previews July 1993

Almost all early Prophet books had huge print runs.  This one I really dig.  How many bloody covers like this were published back then? It’s also not easy to locate.




Netflix has optioned this offbeat comic from Brian Ralph.  It isn’t particularly tough to find at the moment but is worth buying cheap and reading.

It’s a wild romp through a unique apocalyptic vision but I have no idea how it will translate into a show.  I believe this book is set in the same world as his earlier work Cave-In.



The Amazing Spider-Man 12 1:25

First appearance of Leopardon

If you look close, within latest trailer for Edge of the Spider-Verse you might have caught Miles designs for Leopardon on his drafting table!  Who is leopardon you ask?  Just go Google Supaidāman and try and find episodes of the show!

G+ member Eric Mendes did some extensive research on this and found this!  It appears it was a TV guide of sorts and features Leopardon on it’s cover from 1978!  Information is hard to come by but die hard fans might want this cover appearance as well.  Finding it is another matter.



Super Dinosaur 1

First appearance of Super Dinosaur

This excellent comic has been optioned and it’s looking like there is a good chance it gets made.


That’s all for this week, good luck diggin’! – Topher


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