Doom Patrol, Kamala Khan, Jessica jones and More!

I am almost done with my special on video game comics I promise!  In the meantime here’s a quick one…



Batman Beyond Return of the Joker Screenplay

So this one is not a comic but it does feature black and white panels and art including Harley Quinn.  If you are a Harley completest then eventually you will have to buy it.



All New Marvel Now Previews 2


If we are talking about books like Marvel Point One this week then this book should be on the radar too.  It predates All New Point Point One 1 and previews Ms. Marvel 1.



All New Marvel Now Point One 1 ( 2nd Print )


The first prinitng for this has been doing well thanks to more comments from Kevin Feige.  I like the 2nd print.  It is much harder to find.






Doom Patrol 19 ( first appearance ), Action Comics 666, Teen titans 36 & American Heroes 17 ( Foreign reprint of Doom Patrol 19 )

Good news for Morrison fans,  Crazy Jane has been added to the cast! Most of her appearances were in the Doom Patrol book but she made a couple which I have included here.


I kinda like this promo from 1987 too, not a super easy find.



Machine Man 7

First appearance of Curtiss Jackson ( later renamed as the Power Broker )

It appears that season 3 of Jessica Jones may tap this obscure Marvel character as its main antagonist.  Curtiss appears via cameo in Machine Man 7 so that is his first.  He has more panel time in issue 8.   Curtiss was altered and developed over time in Captain America, The Thing and other books.



Ant-Man Vol 2 issue 3

First appearance of the Hench app

Then Hench app was developed by Power Broker Inc. and I could see it being utilized on the show.  The app matches the best suitable villain to oppose any hero then is selected by the user who pays a fee for the conflict.

NOTABLE BOOKS:  Captain America 230, Thing 33 & 35, Cap 330, Marvel Two-In -One 54.

Thanks for the assist from G+ group member Steven Trovei!



A Year of Marvels The Incredible 1

I am pretty miffed that Marvel is reverting  Wolverine back to X-23.  As a passionate collector of this character I hope Marvel does her justice going forward.  If you are also a collector you might have missed this odd team up book she appeared in.




Animal Man 1 ( New 52 )

First appearance of Rot

Each month I am probably going to mention some Swamp Thing books thanks to DC announcing a show!  Swamp Thing doesn’t exactly have a notable rogues gallery but I can easily see the show doing an adaptation of Rotworld.

NOTE:  There are 3 other printings for this book.



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