Dr. Fate, Salamandroid, E-199999 Captain Marvel, Hot Claws & More!

Just another heaping helping of comic picks for all you hoarders out there.





More Fun Comics 55

First appearance of Dr Fate


Though unconfirmed,  there have been some rumors of Dr. Fate appearing in Wonder Woman 2.  This book isn’t exactly an easy find but the film is highly anticipated and an appearance by Fate would vault the character into the public consciousness.



Supergirl 3 ( 2005 )

First appearance of Evil Supergirl

The season finale of Supergirl helped to set up next season and it looks like this devilish double with a killer black costume  will appear!




Stranger Things Nakomi Print by Lance Schibi 2016

This rad UXM 134 cover swipe print was released in 2016 and features the first comic rendition of the popular show.  It was limited to 50 and signed.




First appearance: Disney Adventures November 1994

Here are some key Gargoyle books to hunt for.  Jordan Peele has been talking about pitching a movie reboot!  Issue 1 newsstand and the last few issues of the Marvel series are very rare.

This issue has a error variant.  Page one should have no title lettering and there are pages out of order inside.

and a rare foreign edition…

Gargoyles also appeared in the foreign mag Limit from Jan 196-March 1996


and just for the Darkwing Duck fans, he makes his first Limit appearance in this early issue!




Infinity Countdown 1 Virgin Variant

First appearance of E-199999 Captain Marvel/Brie Larson

E-199999 firsts remain undervalued imo.  This issue introduces us the the Marvel Cinematic Captain Marvel for the first time via cameo.




Hall of Heroes Presents 0

First appearance of Salamandroid

When a creator’s work gets hot sometimes other properties by the same person see the love too.  This is the case with the incredible Salamandroid!  The ashcan has exploded but he first appeared here.  There are 4 covers.  Here is the best one.



The Beano 596

First appearance of Millie the Minx


A TV show from Lime is coming for this popular UK character.  She is sort of the UK version of Dennis the Menace.




Vortex 5

First appearance of Cyberfrog and first pro work by EVS

Well it looks like Cyberfrog appeared nearly 6 months prior to the HoH comics via advert and in a 2 page splash by Creed artist Trent K!



He-Man and the Masters of the Universe 18 ( 2013 )

Some covers are just to awesome to deny.  In this case it’s an impressive Sejic She-Ra cover.  It is doing quite well on Ebay at the moment.




Rick and Morty Season 3

As with the last 2 seasons this one included something special for fans included only with the first printing.




Wolverine 6 ( 2010 )

First appearance of Hot Claws?

No one knows the origin’s of Wolverine’s upcoming power alteration which will give him heated claws but Jason Aaron already did it when Logan was possessed and dealing with some hellish demons.

Wolverine 8

A few issues later the only thing that can rescue Logan ends up being the Phoenix force which inexplicable resides deep within!  Wolverinix origins anyone?  We will have to wait and see but Aaron wrote this one too.


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