Dune, Switch, Kid Loki, Vanilla Ice and More!

After a few weeks of focusing on characters like Conan and the Black Knight I have returned to my normal format.  There’s a lot to get to so let’s not waste any time!




Thor 615 1:25 , 616 1:15

First appearance of Kid Loki?

Over the past week Thor 617 has risen in value, especially the Tron Variant.  The speculation hit after it was revealed that Tom Hiddleson might be less involved as an actor in the Loki streaming show and instead narrate a show based on a youthful Loki.   When you have a character called Kid Loki it makes sense speculators would hop on 617.  The problem is, none of those rumors stated an adaptation of Aaron’s story would be happening.  People just assumed this based on rumors of a Kid Loki.  That Loki is a specific reincarnation of Loki and you would have to lay a lot of groundwork to do it.  Now if you go look at 615 and 616, Thor is struggling with the loss of his brother and those visions of the past contain the first appearances of Kid Loki just before Thor resurrects his brother and goes to find him in Thor 617.  At this point I believe Thor 615 has the first for young Thor and young Loki.




Topolino 1618

First appearance of the Gummi Bears


What’s up comictom101,  I was set to mention this one waaayyyyy down the road but since you brought up an affinity for the Gummi Bears I figured I would mention their first comic appearance and what do you know it’s in some obscure Disney foreign book!  To me that makes no sense. The show ran for multiple seasons and had no American comic?

and the first American comic appearance,


Rock and Roll Comics 31

First appearance of Vanilla IceAnd one of the coolest things Marvel has done was bring back Planet Terry all grown up in Drax 6.

( This comic has two variants )


The Avengers 64

First appearance of Charles Barton

A new rumor has a Hawkeye show in the works including Kate Bishop and other members of Clint’s family.  But it’s the Hood show rumor that has me mentioning Charles because he later became Trickshot who is rumored to be the Hood’s top assassin.

Thanks to G+ member Jonathan M for this tip.

Now there was another Trickshot who first appeared here and he was both enemy and friend to Hawkeye so we have to consider him as well.

Charles doesn’t assume the role until this issue.



Kino-Special Comic-Album Nr. 1

First foreign Dune Comic

Not only has fan favorite Dave Bautista been cast as the villainous Rabban but the esteemed Stellan Skarsgard wil be tormenting House Atriedes as Baron Harkonnen!!!  I just can’t wait for this movie.  The first comic adaptation happened in a Marvel Special which was reprinted in a three part series.  If you read True Firsts you were given that information some time ago so this week I want to mention the Kino Special.  From time to time I look for foreign firsts and this cover does not disappoint.



Star Wars Reads 2018

First appearance of Lady Proxima

One of my favorite characters from the underappreciated Solo film was Lady Proxima.  I am pretty sure she makes her first appearance in this comic.



Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos 1

First appearance of Jr. Juniper

There is nothing currently important about this character but I clearly dig firsts and this forgotten Stan Lee character has in important distinction.  He is the first reoccurring character to die in a Marvel book!



Batman 692

This book canonizes The Long Halloween and was the first DCU proper book to do so.  There’s an animated adaptation coming and I pray they do it right.



What if? Peter Parker Became the Punisher, Issue 1

I just had to throw this one in here.  Soon I will be doing a comprehensive Spider-verse article.  This costume is one of my favorites.

Speaking of What if books you might not want to pass on any Venom cover these days…



X-Force 87

First appearance of Switch

Legion is a great show.  There may be very little hype surrounding it these days but it remains one of the better comic shows on television.  The body swapping Switch is set to appear.



Famous Monsters 165

The Star Wars show The Mandelorian is now rumored to heavily feature Bossk and IG-88.  My research led me to this magazine which ever fan should own.



Runaways 7

First appearance of Xavin

Xavin is set to be a major part of Hulu’s Runaways having already appeared in season 2.  Check this show out.  It’s another solid Marvel TV offering.



Venus 6

First appearance of Loki

Yes, Yes, I know.  The Loki we know and love first appeared in Journey into Mystery 85 but he did appear earlier in a vastly different form.



Here is some more Loki speculation…

Loki Agent of Asgard 8

First Unicorn Loki

When the Loki show happens we are going to be looking for tons of books and there is a pretty good chance he alters his form more that once.

Journey into Mystery 632

First appearance of Thori

If we get a Kid Loki we will surly get his pet.

Journey into Mystery 115

First appearance of Laevatein

Odds are loki’s sword plays a role at some point.

Journey into Mystery 641

First appearance of Leah

Loki is probably going to need a love interest and Leah is as good a bet as you can find.

Journey into Mystery 107 and Thor 137

First appearance of Karnilla

These two are rumor to be antagonists on the show.

First appearance of Ulik



Batman and Robin Eternal 1

First appearance of Mother

I must admit I love Gotham.  The show is bonkers and that’s what makes it great.  This season Mother and Orphan will hopefully scare the crap out of us all!  She first appears here.



Justice League 8

First appearance of Perpetua

Now that we know who created the first multiverse this character is probably going to be important for a long time.  This variant has already been featured by elsewhere but now there is another reason to buy it!



The New Avengers Illuminati DVD promo

Look I am not even sure where this book was first given out.  Was it a DVD or a store promo?  All I know is it is super rare and really is the genesis of what becomes Secret Invasion.  It is a massive Secret Invasion key.  So why do I mention it again?  Well with the Captain Marvel film featuring the green shape shifters there is a lot of speculation that Secret Invasion will eventually be adapted into a film.


NOTE:  I also mentioned these a while back but felt it necessary to bring them up again considering recent film developments.  Add Mighty Avengers 12 to the list.  It is also a Secret Invasion key and look at that final page.  It is practically telling us Jessica Drew is no good!



This one is the first Secret Invasion cover.  Newsstands exist and are super rare.  You might shake your head at a book like this but when the Civil War comics came out the Spotlight book was in demand and sold pretty well.

According to Bendis the first appearance of Veranke was as Spider-Woman in this issue. Here is the rarest variant but there is also a variant with Ronin on the cover.  Is is Ronin’s first costume appearance.





TV Guide February 28, 1981

This is the first published image of Del Frye I can find and it’s more art than photo!  Get on it Immortal Hulk fans.


The Punisher 5

First appearance of Frank Castle’s carved chest logo!

Not only does this book have a striking cover but it sports a major turn in the Punisher legacy.  Thanks to Zemo Frank now has a permanent skull logo carved right into his chest!



Marville 5

Was this book recalled?  I have no idea but it sure sells well.  I love some of the covers from this terrible series!  This one sells for 30-50 depending on condition.  No true first here but a book worth looking out for.



Marvel Age Annual 2

First appearance of black suit Peter Porker?

Here is a sneaky Peter Porker cover.  With talk of a cartoon the ham is only going to get more and more attention.  There aren’t a ton of early cover appearances and this one features designs for many Porker supporting characters.  Considering what Pork Grind’s first now sells for this might be one to look for in those dollar bins.



Superman: Man of Tomorrow 15

First Sook cover

Certain Ryan Sook variants continue to be great investments.  I always look at the first published work and first cover for artists like this.  It doesn’t hurt that his early work has a Mignola vibe.


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