Elric, Scott McCloud, Cyberforce, Art Adams and More!

I see you have clicked on another installment of True Firsts!  Whatever your reasons I thank you!  If you get a chance try some other articles, the staff here is as hard working as they are crazed for comics just like you and me!

This week it’s balls out insanity.  If rhyme and reason is your thing I suggest heading elsewhere!  I have managed to cobble together a list of books I thoroughly enjoy.  I hope you all do too!

The Sculptor

Scott McCloud is a master of the medium. If you haven’t read Zot I suggest you make the effort and his work on Understanding Comics is enthralling.  I am very pleased to here that this original work has been optioned and will be directed by the man who helmed the acclaimed Brie Larson flick Short Term 12.

Gamepro 194

Master of the Top 10, Ben S mentioned a favorite of mine, Sly Cooper.  His rare comics are great to keep an eye out for anytime you are digging.  The sell very well probably due to a rabid fan base.  Prior to the release of either issue Gamepro ran an early ad for Sly Cooper.  Normally I would not mention this but it is a sequential advertisement technically making it a comic appearance in a magazine! Unfortunately there is no way to tell how many mags ran it but I believe this is the earliest as I did find one in a rare Nickelodeon Comics Magazine released after this.

Gamepro 205

Issue 2 of Sly Cooper sells well too.  Unlike issue 1 which was a convention release, this issue came sealed in Gamepro 205.  Good luck finding a sealed one but even if you don’t there is something very special about this magazine and no I am not going to tell you.  I will say this though, if you are a diehard Nightmare Before Christmas fan it’s a must own!

Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew 12

First Art Adams pro work

Once again first published work from creators is hit or miss but Adams is a favorite of mine and I suspect those of us who collect for art would agree that he is a master.  He is one of the few cover artists who’s high grade common covers will still get me to purchase.

Marvel Fanfare 13

First Art Adams Cover

Captain Marvel 36

First reprinting of Marvel Super Heroes 12

Reprints still all the rage right?  You could do worse than this first reprint of Captain Marvel’s first appearance!


Shonen Jump Weekly 7/14/14

First appearance of My Hero Academia

Legendary is set to adapt this popular Manga.  It sure seems a lot of studios are tapping some incredible properties from this genre.  I hope this one pans out.

Conan the Barbarian 14

First appearance of Elric Melnabone

A recent variant for a cult favorite has brought Elric back in collector’s minds.  Fans of the spellcasting warrior king have kept him in print for decades.  And with a bio like this I can see why!

“Elric of Melniboné (pronounced mel-nib-on-ay) is an albino warrior, exiled and doomed he leaves a trail of misery behind him wherever he goes. He wields a black sword, Stormbringer, one of a pair, with a mind of its own and has a habit of accidentally slaying the wrong person. Elric also has an incestuous relationship with a close relative.”

Elric made his first published appearance here

The Thing 12

First Ditko Cover

Not only is this a killer first cover from a legend but it contains  a pre-code Ditko horror story!

Cyberforce 24

Not only is this a great Finch cover but it has a really cool advert for the next issue! I do NOT consider this a Darkness first but it’s still pretty rad!

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