Face paint, Freaks, & Fear

A Clown is like an aspirin, only he works twice as fast
-Groucho Marx

Greetings from the desert fellow CBSI friends. What is that saying? Life imitates art. Within our universe of comics most of the characters have some sort of fear, or something that can harm them. While some of it may be in the physical nature, there is many that suffer from a psychological fate. Hell, the word Kryptonite is scattered around and used terminology within our daily lives. Please see this poll below implemented in late 2016, featuring roughly 2K of Americans asking them what are their greatest fears? Well look at #2 – Clowns. We are worried more about those Rob Zombie movie laden freaks than we are of being destitute or ingesting some Anthrax?

Let that soak in a little…

So how is this data show its relevancy in today’s world? You can look no further than the recent movie It. This flick has taken in $388 MM in the US alone, and now stands as the top box office horror movie of all time surpassing that cranky chick who spider-walks backwards downstairs and pukes pea soup on occasion. How did this short dude with a red ballon accomplish this? It’s because movies evoke emotion and we all have a morbid curiosity about living thru our greatest fears. This movie offered that opportunity to millions.

Alright, get to the comic stats I know. The Week of December 7th 2016 was let’s just say not a barn burner for the flips or PC stuff. However, it did not come without some points of interest in the forms of variants and D.C. cover Bs. None of us know exactly what makes a variant a gem in terms of price increases. There is no secret sauce for this or we all would not be stuck with higher ratio variants that worth less than a 1:25s.

This week the book that gets some recognition is none other than, wait for it – Yes a Clown! The comic is Slapstick #1 1:100 Liefeld sketch Variant.

  • #82 via Comichron month of December
  • Total Print run – 33K
  • Total approx 1:100s – 330 **What LCS bought 100 of these? So the count is probably lower
  • Current slabbed on eBay– 1 (CBCS 9.8 SS @$400)
  • Current raw copies on eBay- 1 ($99.99)

This book is a total crapshoot. There have been worse books with more value. Yes I know this book sucks, Slapy sucks, etc. However, a 330 print run will always help its value. In addition, it is a Rob Liefeld cover. Yep, I am reaching a little, but this could be sought after down the road on sheer scarcity. Finally, there is an appearance of Spidey too. If you see it and it’s cheap like half or under of ratio, grab it for a rainy day or movie announcement.

ROI Scale:

As reference and history – Steve Harmon AKA Slapstick origin and 1st appearance issue is The Awesome Slapstick #1 1992. You can get a 9.8 for less than $100 if you really want to go crazy…

Let’s delve into some honorable mentions:


Aquaman #12 cover B by Josh Middleton

We all know his run on these Rebirth AQ have been great

Batman #12 cover B by Tim Sale
Green Arrow #12 cover B by Neal Adams Green Lanterns #12 cover B by Emanuela Luppacchino


Yes, IDW once in a while

Optimus Prime #1 1:50 cover by Paul Pope
We all know what this mans covers do on the aftermarket quite often


Nova #1 1:25 cover by Pasqual Ferry Star Wars: Doctor Aphra # 1 Retailer one per store variant

Alright citizens of Derry (King fans will recognize that city), time to bring this week’s words to a close. Interesting terrain covered in this issue. Here is the word of the week: Coulrophobia. Anyone who can tell me in the comments what this means gets bonus points. More importantly, anyone who writes me their best clown story or why they fear clowns such as where their imagination has taken them to as a kid or adult wins a glossy, just picked fresh Batman White Knight #3 cover B shipped at no cost to them. Lines are open for 72 hours. I will announce the winner in the thread at time’s end. This ought to be fun, spill your stories! Good God, that scene in Poltergeist was played in my head countless times. It always begins with me sitting in Hulk PJs covering my head with a Transformers blanket, and clutching the Masters of the Universe Mer-Man flashlight in my sweaty palm praying for the sun to break as a young pup in the 80s. Ugh, those nights sucked!

Talk soon,

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