Fahrenheit 451, Punk Rock & Bebop!

Fahrenheit 451

There’s a new film adaptation of this dystopian Bradbury classic coming out. Graphic novel spec is tough. You often have to pay a premium and they can be difficult to find. A book like this could do well long term as the print run for the first was low and if you a fan of Bradbury and comics it’s a must own.

Deadpool 31

I hear a lot of complaining about the quality of writing from the house of ideas these days. Personally I have really enjoyed Spencer’s Cap and Secret Empire but I understand the gripes. For me Marvel has had produced some great stuff over the last few years but in offbeat titles like The Vision and Nighthawk ( Cancelled ). Many of their flagship books are just not good.

Well if you want to read a great single issue try this one. It’s uncharacteristically somber and as far a writing goes should be considered a key Deadpool book even if the covers are underwhelming.

Harley Quinn 5,5b

First Punk Rock Harley

The Bill Sienkiewicz cover for this is a killer work of art but both issue feature the first cover/appearance of Punk Rock Harley. The work being done on the HQ cover b’s is inspiring and continue to be comics I will buy cheap and hold.

Asuka Fantasy DX October 1997

First appearance of Cowboy Bebop

Bebop getting a live adaptation has generated some buzz. After the debacle that was Ghost in the Shell I hope whoever is making this gets it right. It’s not going to be easy either.

There’s a GN series from Tokyopop that are impossible to find. If you want the first you are probably going to need a ticket overseas because this is a ghost. Most sources cannot agree if the October issue or the September 18th issue from this series is the first. Tracking down images of these books isn’t even a simple task so for now I am going with October.

Dark Horse Futures 1991

First Sin City / Marv

The first issue of the series is the first Hard Boiled cover, an excellent Miller series I still hope gets made into a movie. This issue gives some brief previews of more titles set to premiere throughout 1991 including a Sin City Splash page of Marv which predates the DHP Fifth Anniversary Special.

All Flash 12

First appearance of the Thinker

It appears the next season of the Flash will feature a villain who is not a speedster. Thank god. The only problem for speculators and collectors-the rarity and value of the Tinkerer’s first.

Justice League Dark

Justice League Dark #12 – First appearance of Nick Necro

Justice League Dark Annual 1 ( Origin of JLD revealed )

When a JLD live action film comes I am hoping Nick Necro is heavily involved. These two books are an affordable, safe bet simply because Necro secretly formed the team through his manipulation of Dr. Mist and Steve Trevor and 12 is his first.

Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual 2

First appearance of the Thessalahydra

OK so this is not a comic and it’s also highly speculative. The rumor is that the Thessalahydra will be the monster in Stranger Things season 2. I see no comic appearances for this creature ( I still have not checked DC’s Forgotten Realms thought )

NOTE: Be careful, you can get this cheap but make sure it’s a first print. Oh and there’s a mini version of this that is super rare!

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