Fan Expo Canada 2017

I have to admit that one of the perks of writing for the site is getting the chance to have a first look at stuff. The Fan Expo covers, in particular. They have been warning me for a while about a deal they were working out with DC and now we can talk about it (if I had had a reliable Internet connection this would have been published last week, sorry about that!).

In any case, here’s some of the details, in their own words:

Over the next 2 years (approximately every 3-4 months) we will be releasing a classic recreation of a DC key much like the Batman Adventures #12 books. Each will be by a different artist and  will have 4 cover variations ranging in print quantities from 500 copies to 1500 copies. The regular paper copy will always be 1500 copies while the special enhanced versions will be 1000 or less each. Pretty limited by today’s standards on a DC exclusive book.

Their first book under the DC deal will be Sensation Comics #1, which will debut at Fan Expo Canada next week.

The artwork is by Phil Jiminez. We will be selling the regular paper copy and one of the enhanced acetate covers. We will continue to sell the regular version at upcoming shows until they sell out and will release a different enhanced version for each show.

You can already buy this beauty (regular cover or regular/acetate combo pack) at the Fan Expo Store.

But, of course, it wouldn’t be a Fan Expo show with just one variant … Here’s their second variant: Generations: All-New Wolverine & Wolverine by community-favorite Artgerm:This time, the cover will be available in color and copic versions and can be found right now at

I kinda like this combination of classic and new variants, there’s a bit for everyone. For all of those in the area, you should really check out Fan Expo Canada as it has a really cool guest list.

Of course, expect a contest later this week to have a shot at getting a full set later this week or earlier next week, depending on my Internet connection.

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