Father Bruce, Iron Spider E-199999, Miyamoto Usagi and More!

I’m working on something completely different over the next few weeks with some assistance from a member of the CHUniverse!   It has quickly developed into a bigger project than expected  but I have a feeling people who frequent CBSI will enjoy it.


This weeks picks:

Mother Panic Batman Special

First appearance of Father Bruce,  Fennec Fox & the Holy Sidekick Choir of Merciful Justice!


Ty Templeton is at his best here.  I can only imagine what he thought reading the script for this.  All I have to say is maybe milk isn’t that good for you.

This incredible issue features a ton of delightful panels and a Bruce Wayne who wields the Bat Book of Manners with chilling efficiency!   I have been a fan of Mother Panic since its inception but this issue is easily the best written Mother Panic comic yet.  Houser manages to deliver an insane chapter of Milk Wars while simultaneously giving us some clear and concise insight into Violet Page’s motivations.


Mother Panic 3 Helen Chen Variant

First appearance of Josie

If you like sidekicks who are potentially insane look no further than Fennec Fox!   If you read Mother Panic then it’s easy to see why this young lady wants to watch her enemies bleed.

Josie first appears here and what a cover it is!



Marvel Infinity War Prelude 1

First appearance of the Iron Spider Armor ( E-199999 ) version

The Amazing Spider-Man 529 has been getting some love thanks to the first appearance of the Iron Spider armor but the 616 armor and the armor in the upcoming film aren’t really the same.  If you are looking for the first comic appearance of the film  armor this upcoming issue is the first.


Spider-Man School of Shock DVD Exclusive

First appearances of Carly, Vic, Amy,Tiny & Droney

I mentioned this a while back but now that Marvel is going to bring the Thor: Ragnarok Valkyrie into the Marvel comic universe there’s always a possibility it happens to others.


Primer 4

First appearance of The Maxx ( via advert ) and first pro work Sam Kieth

So I have always been under the impression that Kieth’s first work and the Maxx’s first appearance were in issue 5.  I still believe that 5 is thee book to have if you are a fan  but this book does contain an ad for the Maxx if you are into that sort of thing.


V 1 ( Canadian Price Variant Only )

First appearance of the V franchise in comic form

V has a long history.  The books are an incredible read,  the show….a classic of 80’s sci-fi and then there was that remake.  Well that show wasn’t so great.  And now there’s talk of another adaptation.   I have fond memories of those earlier incarnations so I will hold out hope that creators can so it justice this time around.

As far as comic appearances, this series only lasted 18 issues and issue 1 is not rare unless you go looking for the price variant!



The Misadventures of Adam West FCBD

First pro work: Russell Dauterman

This artists seems to be a fan favorite.  More and more I see the first works of popular creators in the most random and strange places.  Dauterman is no different!




Equine the Uncivilized 6, Penguin & Pencilguin 1, Anything Goes 6,  Doomsday Squad 3 and Grimjack 30

Stan Sakai’s Usagi is getting an animated show!  This is great news.  The Albedo books are already super expensive and the Critters books are well known but there are some other early appearances to look for!

 Usagi Yojimbo appeared in some obscure titles.  Equine the Uncivilized 6 is interesting as it also features the TMNT.

NOTE:  The Turtles also appear in Equine 3



And finally…..

I don’t usually write about favorite covers because this is a weekly article that focuses on first appearances but with all the heat around that Hans variant I wanted to share the covers she has done that I actively look for.

I believe this is her first work…










And though this isn’t her absolute best it is now one of the coolest connections to the Marvel cinematic universe.

” Every breath you take is mercy from me. “


New Avengers ( 2013 ) 1:10



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