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In comics, a run of any consecutive order is always a milestone each of us seek out. Many of us carry the “completists” DNA within and vow to achieve 100% attainment of a group of books. While some are of more monetary value than others, we all have something we are chasing at times.

This column will focus on specific runs that carry clout in some form or fashion. It may be due strictly to covers, content, or a combination of both. Nevertheless we will dissect what make these special, and the history behind them. So without further ado, let’s get this started shall we?

This week’s Run the Table focuses on an all time favorite for fans of David Finch. This artist does not get talked about enough within CBSI for both his longevity and body of work. Raise your hand if you have a Finch cover that resonates with you! I am guessing mostly everyone has a paw in the air. Well, here is a run that separates him from others and is one of the very best in recent memory.

I am speaking to none other than his variant ratio issues during the X-Men Second Coming storyline released in March 2010. In brief, this is the third in a trilogy of stories including Messiah Complex and Messiah War. It deals with Cable and Hope returning from the future to the present. These 14 covers are breathtaking as they evoke many different emotions.

The following are out in chronological order via the storyline…


X-Men Second Coming # 1 1:50

X-Men Second Coming # 1 RRP Sketch

X-Men Second Coming # 1 2nd Print

X-Men Second Coming # 1 3rd Print

Uncanny X-Men # 523 1:25

New Mutants # 12 1:25

X-Men Legacy # 235 1:25

X-Force # 26 1:25

Uncanny X-Men # 524 1:25

New Mutants # 13 1:25

X-Men Legacy # 236 1:25

X-Force # 27 1:25

Uncanny X-Men # 525 1:25

New Mutants # 14 1:25

X-Men Legacy # 237 1:25

X-Force # 28 1:25

X-Men Second Coming # 2 1:50

Wow! Now is that a run or what? David Finch illustrations are rich in physical detail, but also in emotional detail. He was asked about this during an interview a bit back and his answer really resonated.


“It does come from both personal experience and empathy for the characters. I probably have a certain amount of anger bottled up and I think it comes out in my artwork, which is why darker, angrier, visceral art appeals to me. It’s release-drawing. I just pour it onto the page. I feel comfortable that way. I’m not an angry guy per se, but it’s an outlet.”


If you look at each and everyone of those above covers, they ooze emotion. Now, some are more pronounced than others, but you can feel it, not just see it. Let’s look at X-Men # 27 as a great example. There is tears streaming from Hope’s face and she is being consoled by the bigger in stature Cable. You can see the toll they have gone thru in this story line. Brilliant cover!



When viewing all of Finch’s run in its entirety, it truly is a masterful work of art. The comic medium can be fickle at times. As an example, name a book you like that the writing is top notch but the art is substandard that you list as one of your personal favorites.

It’s like a movie, we generally a more appreciative of it if not only the visuals and screenplay are great, but the music is as well. This X:Men Second Coming storyline and art meshed well together. They complemented each other, which it the best outcome you can wish for in a comic. Good luck out there finding these in the wild, there are some that are more prevalent than others. Hell, there are a few I have never seen outside eBay or a collection. They just don’t exist in the ole long boxes that you dig through on a regular basis.

Please let me know if there are other runs you would like discussed or dissected. Thank you for reading the first rendition of Run the Table! My goal is to provide many more in the future for us to chew on and to lobby our thoughts back and forth.


Talk soon,






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