First You May Have Missed: Black Beetle

Hey everyone and welcome to First You May Have Missed. Here i pick out a random first appearance of a character that may have been overlooked in the great comic book shuffle. Today we will be going over some sweet D.C. goodness.

Blue Beetle (Jamie Reyes) is one of my favorite D.C. character’s, top 10 for sure. I am a big fan of techno organic symbiotic relationships just ask my blue ray directors cut of The Guyver. For every Flash there is a Thawne and today we are talking about Black Beetle! Black Beetle first appeared in issue #5 of Booster Golds 2007 series. In this last page cameo he appeared alongside former Blue Beetles and tried to pass himself off as the Blue Beetle of the future.

Black Beetle seems to have similar powers to the current Blue Beetle but a lot about him is unknown, including his true identity and this is where things get fascinating.

Ok….try to stay with me so the Blue Beetle Jamie Reyes had a tech team to help him. On his team was a girl named Nadia and her brother Hector. Hector first appeared in Blue Beetle issue #7 (2006). When she dies hector disappears with some tech from reach.

Still following? Black Beetle stated in an issue of Booster Gold that he travels through time to stop Jamie Reyes from becoming Blue Beetle because he let “Her” die. Someone who was very special to him. Later when Blue Beetle finally confronts Black Beetle in the backup story of Booster Gold #24, Blue Beetle ask who he was and he answered Hector, along with insulting him for letting his sister die and not coming to look for him.

He in then says that he was lying but that he did kill hector to get the tech he uses. This is a very interesting plot device that I hope is explored more in the future.

To make things even more confusing and Reverse Flash like, Black Beetle is a time traveler and in the next issue, after claiming he was Hector, he claimed to actually be Jamie from the future. It’s never really stated exactly who the Black Beetle really is. All we know is he is from some sort of future and recently acquired the Red Scarab making him even stronger.



Even with all the mystery Black Beetle is still an interesting and formidable villain in the D.C. universe and I hope we get to see more of him soon. So let’s get to the books.



Booster Gold #5 1st cameo of Black Beetle (as Blue Beetle of the future). 38k print run. The best part about this is really the killing joke homage and story inside. Easy buy for me.



Booster Gold #6 1st full Black Beetle 36k print run. I’m grabbing these all day with no turning back. Its in that sweet spot for 1 cover 1st appearances, under 40k can dry up like nothing as these books get older.



Booster Gold #24 Black Beetle gets red scarab. 1 cover and 24k print run. Not a big deal right now but may be something if further developed in the future.



Blue Beetle #9 – 1st Hector. The possible true identity of the Black Beetle… I’m buying them with caution but not killing myself for copies.

Sorry about missing a week, I had some wifi issues on my vacation. Hope everyone is spending their spec dollars wisely during this SDCC season and as always “its better to have first and flipped than to never have first at” —Valiant Horton


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