First You May Have Missed: Blackheart

Hello everyone and welcome back. Todays first you may have missed is going to go a bit back in time to a first that if you didn’t miss you probably forgot about but has some potential. Todays edition will focus on Blackheart “First Dark”

Blackheart, maybe you heard of him maybe not. If you were a lover of marvel vs capcom or the mystic side of marvel im sure you have at least seen him once or twice. Blackheart is essentially evil incarnate.

Created by Mephisto and considered to be his son because of it he at teams does his bidding but often takes an anti-hero(maybe anti villain, is that a thing?) roll as he frequently tries to take down and or over thrown Mephisto(in very sith lord type fashion) to claim his rule over hell.

I think what makes this an easy first to miss is that although Blackheart is tied heavily into the mystic side of marvel often doing battle with ghost rider and Dr strange, he first appeared in a very street level story in a street level book fighting 2 non mystic street level hero’s. Daredevil #270 featuring spider-man.

Now you may say why should i care as a speculator about Blackheart. Well with mystic marvel on the rise in both comics and the MCU  we may be seeing a breakout for characters like Mephisto, Dormamu, and Nightmare who is rumoured to be in the next doctor strange film.

Yes i know we had a watered downing shutter worthy version of Blackheart hit the screen with the 2nd ghost rider film. This was no more blackheart then wolverine origins deadpool was deadpool or 1998 godzilla was godzilla and they got 2nd chances right? Even agents of shields ghost rider is an improvement.

While Blackheart is not used to often in comics he is at the center of some of my absolute favorite stories.

Once he stopped death which caused deadpool and thanos to go on a mission to save her, and if you have not read Venom the circle of four story do yourself a favor and get to it.

Just some small bullet points without giving it all away, you have Blackheart bringing hell to Las Vegas facing off against a team of Agent Venom, Red Hulk, Ghost Rider(alejandra), and X-23!!!!!! Its an amazing unconventional team up with a great story and alot of action and if symbiotes, hulks, ghost riders, or any mash-up character’s are your thing…..your in for a treat.

Not to mention the first appearance of X-666 and other cool things that you will only see in this series.

So lets look at Blackhearts Media potential. Ghost rider exist in the current MCU, not just Robbie but at least one of the motorcycle riders as seen per agents of shield.

With all the talk of streaming services and moon knight, Blade tv shows and a possibly spirits of vengeance movie in the works i would say Blackheart is on someones storyboard planning.

Not to mention we have a dark gritty daredevil show which can serve as a back door pilot to a mystic based show and how appropriate would it be for him to first appear there. Next we have doctor strange, and murmurs of spirits of vengeance and blade hitting the big screen.

We know marvel is thinking of taking things a different direction going forward so think cosmic,time travel, alternate dimensions and mystic. With black Hearts hulking appearance and power set he would be perfect to fight any hero in live action and with his unforgiving defiance of Mephisto he has the versatility to be written in as both main villain or anti villain.

So in short Blackheart is a great underused villain who has a lot of possible entry points into the greater marvel universe. His first appearance is a bit on the obscure side considering his abilities and cheap. Here is the rundown.



Daredevil #270 first appearance of Blackheart. Sure you can find minty copies online for around $10 but this is one of those gems i think its fun to dig for and score for around $1.

To each his own. Either way It is well worth it in my opinion, at best he takes off and you make a great flip at worst you have a great spidey/deardevil story and a first appearance added to your collection.

If you need to need to reach me for any reason feel free to email me at until next time remember “It’s better to have first and flip, then to never have first at all” — Valiant Horton

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