First you may have missed: Bloodwork

Back again with another first you may have missed. “FIRST BLOOD” couldn’t pass up a chance for a Rambo reference ok let’s get into it. Todays first you may have missed features: BLOODWORK from The Flash Vol 5 issues 29-31

Bloodwork is a completely new Flash villain. One of many appearing since the rebirth run started. His human identity is Ramsay Rosso a coroner for the central city police department and he first appears in the back half of Flash #29.

A hemophiliac who out of fears of his own fragility decides to make himself stronger by experimenting with the blood of dead criminals and meta’s that come into the crime lab. Bloodwork the super villain is not named and does not appear until the end of issue #30 in his first humanoid form.


In #31 we get to see him transform into his full monster form, I am not sure if going forward his monster form or his more human form will be the normal appearance of this character so it’s best to have both.

I like the Flash and I love the idea of adding some new faces to his rogue gallery, with D.C. killing it since rebirth starter, a lot of gems may get lost in the shuffle and Bloodwork may be a slow burn villain whose first is easily had for cover. Speaking of which, his first cover appearance is Flash #30 (CVR A, shown at the top of this article)

With normal A and B covers for all 3 issues, there are no variants to chase with a hefty 52k print run across the board. You should have no problem getting this books at cover or below.

Flash 29: First Ramsay Rosso (human identity). 52k print run

Flash 30: First cover(monster form cover A) First appearance and naming as Bloodwork. 52k print run

Flash 31: First monster form in story. 52k print run.

Thank you for your time and remember “Its better to have first and flip, then to never have first at all” — Valiant Horton

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