First you may have missed: Della Duck

This one is a bit of a rehash for those who saw the post on the g+ page a while back but with some updated info. This week will focus on the first appearance of Della Duck …

If you are familiar with Ducktales you know Huey, Dewey, and Louie. They go from living with their uncle Donald Duck to their rich uncle Scrooge. Not much is ever discussed about the true relationship between the boys and the uncle’s or who their mother is and if you ever wondered well I have done the research for you. Short answer, Della Duck.

Long answer … (deep breath) … Originally, in the cartoon where the boys first appeared (1938) their mother was named Dumbella Duck. Later renamed Della duck in a comic strip and said to be Donald’s cousin. Only to be later renamed again to Thelma duck in an illustration of Donald’s family tree which was her first actual printed appearance anywhere to my knowledge.

She changed back to Della Duck in her first actual comic appearance in a Dutch comic called Anders And & Co. Here she appeared only as a child alongside Donald as his twin (it’s a Scrooge origin story). That issue was reprinted in Uncle Scrooge #295 making that her first US comic appearance (as a child).

Her first adult appearance was in a Dutch publication titled 80 is prachtig which I do not think was ever released in the States or English. So now that you have all this background information here it is, the new cartoon has been throwing hints to the boys wanting to know about their mother, even showing a photo of her in an episode. Well, issue #2 of Ducktales current series by IDW is the actual first US appearance of adult Della Duck.


Revealed in solicitations after final order cutoffs and with the variants holding well (more on that in a bit) added to low prints, this book has potential tobe a true collectors’ item. Will it be a big $ book? Can’t say for sure but I’m sure she will appear on the show and being described as a pilot, astronaut, Scrooge’s sidekick adventurer, Donald’s twin, and mother of the boys, she may quickly become a fan loved character. In a world where the first appearance of Cheryl Blossom smashes the first appearance of the original Ms. Marvel you just never know.

To sum things up:

First appearance of American Della Duck: Ducktales #27,605 print run split amongst an A and B cover with a 1:10 variant.

The 1:10 variant is really where you want to go in my opinion but for the current price why not pick up the A and B as they feature her on the cover.

Ok so here is a bonus for those who actually read to the bottom of this article. First, full disclosure, I am a fan and collector of Ducktales books so I may be a tad bit biased about the greatness of these design variants but I just wanted to bring these to everyone’s attention. Ducktales books tend to do pretty well in the aftermarket, this current run averages around 7k per issue with a 1:10 for every issue so far (how many stores ordered 10 copies of Ducktales? There might be less than 700 of these around) and a 1:25 for some. Along with the convention exclusives which are said to be limited to 500, this is one set that is harder to get ahold of than most people may think. The availability is low and prices on some of the variants are starting to move north. Sales on eBay are not too pricey yet but pretty consistent and getting higher with each issue. If you can find them on the cheap (under $10) it may be worth it. The #0 convention Variant featuring Scrooge seems like it has great potential but is already hard to get for a good price. Happy hunting my comic friends.

As always thank you for your time and remember Its better to have first and flip, then to never have first at all” — Valiant Horton

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