First You May Have Missed: Dune

Hello everyone and welcome back to First You May Have Missed. It has been a pretty long time since my last entry here on CBSI as life has attacked me head on. I just want to say all is well and thank you to Ben for always hearing me out and treating me like CBSI family even when I was missing in action.

Now let’s see if I can slowly ease back into this. While I adjust to my new eye glasses I decided to shake up my reading pile and give some other books a chance. One of those books is Ironheart which I went back and started from issue 1 of the current series(some of which I read before). I must admit it was a bit more digestible this time around and the latest issue was the light bulb that set me back into motion.



Ironheart issue #11 gives us the first full appearance of Dune who happens to be Riri’s father. We got out first glance of Dune at the very end of issue #10 but here we get a full appearance. A member of the 10 rings who are the main antagonist in this series, Dune aka Demetrius, father or Riri had the power to control earth (maybe sand?).

Also he appears to have the stone of Hala which was stolen from Doctor Strange. It is not clear exactly how he gets his powers but his identity is revealed to Riri and the end of issue #10 where she believed him to have died before she was born. At the end of #11 while in a fight with the 10 rings she reveals her identity in which seems to shock him so I am guessing he may not have known that she existed or was Ironheart.



Why do we care? Well Riri is still here and it appears she is not going away. With the MCU landscape changing so much and the clear hesitation to bring in the classic Mandarin I think its a fare guess to say this new iteration of the 10 rings (hopefully under the Mandarins rule) is being set up for more than just a few Ironheart story arcs.

I must admit so far the known members Eclipse, Midnight’s Fire, Tomoe, and Dune are a pretty interesting bunch and may make decent villains alone but certainly entertaining as a team. My guess is the comics will follow the MCU landscape of the 10 rings being a multinational terrorists group and becoming the new Hydra level threat.

The fact that there is a film called Shang Chi and the legend of the ten rings coming soon i see a jump off point for some radical followers to plague the MCU both in theaters and on Disney +

So hear is the rundown:

Iron Heart #10 cameo of Dune (Riri’s father) (10,246 print run) should be an easy find with only one cover i would grab a few when i want to round out a purchase to an even number.



Ironheart #11 1st full Dune (9,385 print run) i love when a 1st has a low print run and 1 cover. Easy grab for me, any time new character’s are woven into these legacy hero mythos i’m in.


That’s it for my welcome back bit, I will hope to keep it weekly or at least bi-weekly thanks for reading my friends. –Valiant Horton.


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