First You May Have Missed: Dust

Hey everyone welcome to First You May Have Missed. Today we are back at Marvel with a first of a mutant that is overlooked pretty often.

Dust aka Sooraya Qadir first appeared in New X-Men #133. She was a slave in Afghanistan rescued by Wolverine and Fantomex. Being recruited by the Xavier Institute she quickly became one of the favorite new mutants and was put on the Hellion team by the new leading cyclops. Her power to turn into and control sand proved very useful in both battle and spy situations.

After the events of House Of M when Scarlett Witch de-powered most of the mutants, Dust was one of the few who maintained her abilities. This is where she starts to develop a friendship with X-23 who is her roommate and a friend she will keep for years going forward through the comics.

While never the star member Dust kept a steady presence in X books since she debuted back in 2002. With the care of Grant Morrison she is a slowly developed character that now has a 15+ year history with the X-Men so she is by far not a fly by night character. Although it’s hard to say which mutants will ever break free of the X books and make an impact anywhere else making them worth of spec. Luckily we now know Dust is one of those mutants.



Dust has been taken from the endless cycling of X books to the ever refreshing team The Champions. As of issue #3 she now has a new home and a new chance at stardom with the Champions. With her being one of the oldest members (by creation date) her first is a book to keep an eye on in my opinion as i truely believe this champions team was developed for the sole purpose of Disney bringing it into other media to attract a younger non avengers audience.



New X-Men #133 105k print run with 1 cover. This is one of those books that drives me mad as speculator but makes me happy as a collector. It checks so many boxes, 1st appearance of Dust named in the story and is on the cover which it only has one. Amazing right!!! Except it’s one of the best selling books with a whopping 105k print run and a mostly black cover that is a pain to get in great condition.

Right now at cgc out of 19 graded there are 9 that made 9.8 so almost a 50% rate at the moment but speaking from experience i can tell you this one is brutal to find now days being a 17 year old bin warmer. So with all that being said, condition and print run taken into account this is still an easy buy for me.

This is a run of X-men that i did enjoy, the print run while massive can be overcome if she picks up steam and the black cover makes getting a clean copy all the more satisfying. This book is still super cheap under $10 shipped online and near cover in shops if you run across anything that can make 9.4 or higher i would snatch it up without hesitation.



Champions #3 (2019) 19k print run 3 covers. Dust joins the team in this issue. Small print run across 3 covers but first on team appearances are not market killers these days so I’m not loading up on these but the National Woman’s Day cover is the pick for me just in case.

Thank you for reading hope to see you back next week. -Valiant Horton.


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