First You May Have Missed: Eclipse

Hey everyone and welcome back to First You May Have Missed. The comic world is in a frenzy these days with all the announcements but we cant all just focus on the big plays so today lets talk small money.

Ironheart, does the comic world love her or hate her? A gender swapped Iron Man replacement how could it not work? Well the jury is still out but lets face it the major problem legacy hero’s like this face is not just catching on with the old guard of comic fans but having good stories with unique villains. This has been my major problem with Miles Morales but I see as of late Marvel is giving him his own support cast and villains so I guess its Riri’s turn. Enter Eclipse.



Eclipse is a member of the 10 rings who has the ability to turn into a smoke Cloud?…thing. Also she can turn people into zombies. She first appears in Iron Heart #7 where she fights Riri and the wasp. While I don’t think her design or power set is extremely appealing anyone who appears as a villain of Riri and connected to the 10 rings is worth a look for me. Not much else is known about her at this time but I am sure she will turn up again. With all the absolute carnage mania I’m sure some of these character’s and books will be overlooked but it’s still a shot in the dark.

Ironheart #7 10k print run with 1 cover. Not paying over cover but snagging a copy or 2 out of the back issue bin on a slow week. 1 cover 10k print first appearances are kind of my favorite thing to collect and with the 10 rings coming to the MCU i guess anything is possible right??

Thats all for this week and as always “It’s better to have first and flipped than to never have first at”—- Valiant Horton


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