First You May Have Missed: Finiculus & Dario Agger

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Today’s First You May Have Missed teleports us over to the sorcerer supreme himself Doctor Strange. With so many recent first being (Joker Jr, anything Immortal Hulk) I wanted to try to bring up something that you actually may have missed even if you had your finger on the pulse these past few Wednesday’s. Say hello to Finiculus. With an added bonus!



Finiculus is a strange surgical creature working with the accountant to reposes magical abilities and knowledge. While very little is known about Fin (I nicknamed him), at this point we do know with his tools he has the ability to remove any mystic knowledge from someones brain (in this case the ancient one) and return it to the accountant who places it in a jar which makes me think that it can somehow be accessed again.

His appearance in Doctor Strange #10 is very brief and very hard to tell if he was just a 1 off to forward the story or if he will be someone marvel will use whenever they want to de-power a mystic being.

With the ending of G+ and me missing a week I am going to use this time to rehash some older first you may have missed of mine that only made it to G+.

Something I have been thinking about since I watched Daredevil on Netflix and after seeing the cloak and dagger I feel it has more of a chance of happening. The spec potential of the Roxxon corporation.



As far as speculation goes, I do not believe in putting dollars into fictional business. But if you care the first appearance of the Roxxon Corporation is Captain America 180. What I am willing to place my $1 chips on is Thor God of Thunder #19. This book is the 1st appearance of Dario Agger the newer head of Roxxon who is also the super villain Minotaur.

With Oscorps MCU ownership in question and the powers that run the MCU saying Norman Osborne/Green Goblin is not in the plans, who could possibly fill the evil corporation head/villain shoes?

We already have hydra, aim, hammer and the hand in the MCU but we may have been secretly feed the seeds that will grown into a Roxxon storyline. The Roxxon Corporation imagery has been used since the start of the MCU in Iron Man 1, 2, and played a significant roll in IM 3.

Both Agent Carter and Agents of Shield reference Roxxon many times with Deathloks Cybertek technology being developed under the Roxxon umbrella. Daredevil and Iron Fist also mention Roxxon’s shady dealings and connections to the hand while the new Cloak and Dagger along with Runaways have some strategic Roxxon placement.

Dario Agger in the comics is known to battle with Thor, but was last seen taking on Weapon H. Agger is affiliated with all levels of Marvel villains. I think it’s only a matter of time before his human persona shows up somewhere if/when a Roxxon storyline comes into play.

It’s possible he may be a minor one and done a streaming service arc or they may keep him around and actually use his transformation on the big screen to tie things together.

Regardless he is a fairly new character who has dual personas and can be found in a dollar bin if you look hard enough.



Doctor Strange #10 33k print run and the 1st appearance of Finiculus. This is also the 400th issue of doctor strange so it comes with a crap load of covers all the way up to a 1:200. I personally don’t have much faith in Finiculus, so I would be very cautious and if I was to grab any of the variants it would be for half ration or less.



Thor God of Thunder #19. 42k print run. 1st appearance Dario Agger This book also has a 1:75 and a 1:100 cover which I probably wouldn’t touch for more than $20 and $35 due to the fact that this is indeed a looong shot. There is also a cat cover which actually goes for decent money.

Well thank you guys for tuning in and as always “it is better to first and flipped then to never have first at all”—Dale Valiant Horton.


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