First You May Have Missed: Gang Of Harley’s and Harley Sinn

Hello everyone and welcome back. Harley Quinn is a hot item these days and while her popularity fluctuates between big events we all know she is here to stay. While everyone is talking about the Gotham city sirens lets not neglect Harley’s new band of misfits. “Gangs of new first”

Some time during the new 52 run Harley decided that just 1 Harley is not enough. In order to juggle both her real life and secret identity she needed help and here Harley and her partner ivy thought to put out a help wanted ad. The ad was answered by an enormous amount of people and when doing interviews got overwhelming harley came up with the idea to turn off the lights and whomever was left standing was in. So in Harley Quinn #16 we get the first appearance of the gang of Harleys. Bolly Quinn, Carli Quinn, Hanuquinn, Harlem Harley, Harley Queens, Harvey Quinn, the quintuplets, and couch.

The quintuplets were immediately tossed out of the gang when they were found to be under age so the 12 person gang quickly went down to 7. While issue #16 was the first appearance of the gang a few of its members actually debuted in issue #15. Bolly, carli, and Harlem all had a brief back story in issue 15 leading up to them discovering Harleys ad. The whole Gang of Harleys idea was contained in 1 story arc in which they all fought alongside Harley for a few issues wearing red and black outfits making it extremely confusing. This concept could have been left where it was but D.C. decided to flesh the idea out later in a mini series starring the gang of Harleys. The mini series did wonders in establishing some individuality to these character’s first by giving them a very power rangers style color theme. With each member taking own their own color version of Harley Quinns costume it made it easier to follow the gang and make them somewhat likeable.

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