First You May Have Missed: Ghost Rider (Alejandra Jones)


Everyone knows Johnny Blaze, most know Danny Ketch, some know Robbie Rayes, but do you know Alejandra Jones? Well if not read on, and if so….. read on anyway.



Alejandra Jones is the name of a short-term but powerful female Ghost Rider who 1st appears in Ghost Rider #1 (2011) during the fear itself event. She grew up inside a temple whose sole purpose was to train people to eventually take on the power of the spirit of vengeance and become the Ghost Rider. Johnny Blaze enticed by and with the help of a man named Adam gives up the power of Ghost Rider.

This allows Adam to bring the power to a man known as Seeker who is tasked with selecting who from this temple in Nicaragua will become the Ghost Rider. Instead of being selected Alejandra grabs seeker and demands the power and for this seeker grants it to her and she becomes the Ghost Rider.

Being trained for this all her life the 18-year-old quickly adapts to the power demonstrating enormous power by summing a swarm of locust to kill a demon. This extreme and powerful attack is witnessed by Johnny and when he inquires why he couldn’t use those powers he is told by Adam that he could he just never thought to do so. This gives a new spin and some what of a green lantern feel to the Ghost Rider spirits power set making room for each ghost rider to have their own power set which works well in my opinion.

Another amazing feat is Alejandra’s ability to eliminate sin from a person. This is a major plot point of her first story arc in which she completely eliminates sin from the people of her town. While this may sound like a great thing, the sinless people turn into a form of mindless drone just completely devoid of any true emotion.

This prompts Johnny with the help from Mephisto and a newly signed contract, to try to stop Alejandra as the next phase of her plan led by Adam, is to fly to space to use a space telescope to eliminate sin from the entire planet at one time. This is where Johnny ask Mephisto for a motorcycle that can fly into outer space. Wait….. holy cosmic Cates! is this the birth of cosmic Ghost Rider!!?



Alejandra goes on to have some really good stories in her 9 issue run and the circle of 4 arc in Venom which I touched on in a previous article about first you may have missed Black Heart you can check that out here. He begins to turn to a more righteous path helping those in need including saving a group of people from a human trafficker who turns out to be her father who sold her as well as her brothers and sisters when they were babies.

Let’s just say that didn’t end well. She put up a great fight against red skulls daughter in the fear itself story and even managed to get the best of Mephisto in Hell, ripping out his heart (she is able to use size manipulation to grow giant) and demanding he restore the sin to those she removed it from in her town earlier.

While threatening to kill Mephisto who Johnny is under contract with, Alejandra is shot by Johnny into a lava pit which forces the spirit out of her body and Johnny regains the power. He pulls Alejandra to safety noticing her body severely burned and disfigured. Here he discovers that she survived because she was able to maintain a small part of the spirit and vows to one day get vengeance on Johnny for causing all of this.

Alajendra is one of the most powerful and relentless Ghost Riders to date. Her character has a tragic back story and was very well-developed unlike some other alternate version’s of heroes. She has the potential to be X-23 level interesting and I hope marvel revisits her again with a great story. We have already got a Johnny Blaze and a Robbie Reyas in live action, if Ghost Rider is brought back to screen I wouldn’t rule out Alejandra as a serious option especially if an adaptation of Fear Itself is made.



Ghost Rider #1 (2011) 41k print run. This is the first appearance of Alejandra’s both a human and Ghost Rider as well as seeker who is not so important. This book has 4 covers a standard, a blank, a 1:25,and a 1:50 Neal Adams variant. This is the kind of book you dig for. If you see this book in good condition you get this book, it has a lot of potential and I think is a super bargain around $8-$15.

The ratio variants are hidden gems, they were very rare to start and are close to impossible to find at a reasonable price (I have been hunting a Neal Adams for the past year with no luck). If you can get you hands on one hold it or better yet offer it to me! If marvel ever decides to do something with the character those variants can rich record heights for a ghost rider book in weeks.

I also would not leave behind a black variant just for collectors sake. As of today there is a total of 5 cover A’s (3 9.8) 5 1:25’s (2 9.8) and 7 1:50’s (1 9.8) in the cgc census.



Ghost Rider #4 (2011) 21k print run. If you are interested in ghost riders first cosmic motorcycle here is where you will find it but its nothing to lose your mind over.

Thats it for today’s edition of First You May Have Missed, hope you enjoyed and as always “It’s better to have first and flip, then to never have first at all” –Valiant Horton.

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