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Today will be somewhat of a double feature. A bit long-winded so i am going jump right into this “speed first”



Bart Allen II (Barry is the 1st)  is a very complex character which when used correctly makes for some very interesting stories. First appearing in The Flash Vol.2 #92 as Impulse this descendant of both Barry Allen and Thawne from the 30th century is stuck in hyper speed causing him to age rapidly.

At the age of 2 he appeared to be 12 and was expected to die within a week of going back in time with Iris to seek help from Wally. Bart was raised in a simulated reality in order to make his aging appear normal to him but once released into the normal world it quickly became apparent the he was not normal. Wally quickly managed to cure Bart of his speed aging by making him run and drain his speed completely.

Bart Allen then went on the help Wally as a sidekick for a period of time before spinning off his own series titled Impulse where he was mentored by golden age speedster Max Mercury (Quicksilver…not marvel Quicksilver).

His solo series ran for 89 issues before coming to an end and the most important event/key book from this series, well keep reading i will get back to that.Impulse was included in many story arcs from his introduction. One of the most notable achievements being one of the founding members of the team Young Justice along with Conner Kent(Superboy) and Tim Drake(Robin).

After the ending of Young Justice Bart went on to join the Teen Titans which also brought about his change in costumes and codename from Impulse to Kid Flash. After the disappearance of Wally West, Bart took up the mantle of The Flash in a short-lived series called The Flash Fastest Man Alive.

In this series lasting only 13 issues Bart was killed by the Rogues under the leadership of Inertia. Wait did i skip that part ok back up….the most important and key book from the Impulse series was the introduction of Inertia!



Inertia A.K.A. Thaddeus Thawn first appeared in Impulse #50. He is a clone creation of both 30th century president Thaddeus Thawn and Bart Allen. Inertia would go on to be one of the most calculated and dangerous foes of Bart for years to come. He finally got the best of Bart by draining his Speedforce with a machine and enlisting the help of the Rogues fora final showdown with Bart who was at that time The Flash.

Wally who returned and heard of Barts death froze Inertia’s body in time but left his mind active essentially leaving him in a state of purgatory as he was put on display at the Flash museum (pretty dark wally….pretty dark). Later inertia was unfrozen by the Rogues and got into a battle with Zoom who he also defeated and took on the name Kid Zoom.

Although it was short-lived as the Rogues soon after Killed inertia and offered his corpse as a gift Flash to make up for Barts Death. (See final crisis: Rogues Revenge).Ok now back to Bart, after his death when the new 52 took over D.C. decided to bring back good ol Impulse, except they didn’t. The Impulse who we get in the new 52 is later revealed not to be Bart Allen Impulse at all but an impostor.

***spoilers for the end of flash war if you have yet to finish it stop here***


You have been warned!!!!


At the end of the Flash War event we get the first true glimpse of the classic Bart Allen Inertia when Wally breaks the speed force barrier during his fight with Hunter Zoloman on the finally pages we see Impulse freed from apparently being trapped in the Speedforce. I for one am very excited about this and can not wait to see what happens next for impulse.


Bart Allen is going to star as Kid Flash in the new season of Young Justice. He has appeared in the previous season as Impulse and even on Smallville. While i know this may set off a few Barry Allen and Wally West fans across the world i think Impulse deserves a Film. With the lighter tone D.C. seems to be going for and the younger hero push we keep hearing about for the MCU i think a push for a live action Young Justice style team including Impulse, Billy Batson, and Conner Kent can be just what D.C. needs. Also with Barts return to the main continuity i feel many stories and Inertia are not far behind.


The Flash Vol.2 #92 First Bart Allen Impulse. Some may say #91 is the first cameo and while i guess we can, it does not name him or show him in full(just a shadowy figure) so i wouldn’t put too much into it. But #92 is his first appearance as well as first cover and origin this book is a definite grab. These books are not what i would call cheap and not easy to find in high-grade but they are out there and you can score a nice copy for less than what most people pay for modern 1:25 variants. This is one i think is worth the grab and will only grow with time. His return to comics and upcoming young justice season will only help.



Impulse #1 36k print run, just the first in his solo series can’t hurt to grab as it is not expensive.

Impulse #50 21k print run cameo of Inertia on last page cloaked you don’t see him in costume and he is not named and has a small word bubble so i like…


Impulse #51 18k  print run, although a lot of people would say #50 I think #51 is the true first appearance given us a full name and costume with dialog on the final page as well as brief dialog throughout the book. I do own both 50 and 51 as well as  a lot of issues up to 89 but 51 i think is the big one. Although 50 is a great Batman/Impulse crossover so i would grab it for that alone. I would grab 51 as i think it is undervalued at this point Flash villains (reverse flash, zoom, black flash etc) seem to do well and are always tied tight in stories with their hero. A lot of villains are not great for spec but an alt flash i will pick up any day.



Impulse #52 18k print run,  ok if your more of a final page splash is a cameo guy then #52 is your book and also the first inertia cover. Both this and #51 have small-ish print runs so they can get snatched up very quickly especially being the books are already almost a decade old.



Flash: the fastest man alive #1 huge 120k print run. 2 covers and gives us first Bart Allen as Flash


Flash: Fastest Man Alive #13 76k print run, 3 variants including an sdcc variant gives us Bart Allen’s death if you are into that sort of thing.

Young Justice #1 60k print run, gives us the first Impulse with young Justice



Flash Rebirth # 50 58k print run across 2 covers, one of which is a Mattina. This is the ending of the  Flash war story and the reemergence of Impulse/ Bart Allen. Easy modern to grab, it may not be super significant in the grand scheme of things but i read flash anyway and buy worst spec plays weekly.

Well that’s it for this edition of first you may have missed I hope you enjoyed it and as always “It is better to have first and flipped then to never have first at all” — Valiant Horton.


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