First You May Have Missed: John Diggle

Hello hello and welcome to another edition of First You May Have Missed. SDCC is in full swing and the news coming out is overwhelming im thrilled about a lot of things im seeing. These days a lot of spec is born out of media, when someone is set to appear on a show or in a movie. Well today we will flip that on its head and focus on someone who was born out of live action  television. Not many character’s can claim this amazing feat but for one such as John Diggle it seemed to be truly a fan based decision.

For those who so not follow the CW Arrowverse the name John Diggle may not mean much, but for those who do watch the shows chances are you have come across Mr. Diggle on numerous occasions. John Diggle played since arrow season 1 by actor David Ramsey (who honestly would have been an amazing John Stewart) is the not so side kick to Oliver Queen aka the Green Arrow and was well received by fans. A skilled military man as well as bodyguard for the queen family Diggle has often taken on the role of Green Arrow as well as gone toe to toe with some heavy hitters including Deathstroke himself. On the Legends of Tommorow t.v. show Diggles son becomes Conner Hawk the new Green Arrow of the future although that time line may have been erased. Diggle was brought into the comic book universe by Jeff Lemire who had this to say about him in an interview with CBR “I think anyone who watches the show knows he was the breakout character. Of all the elements of the show that weren’t a regular part of the Green Arrow mythology, he was definitely the standout. I think that’s all a testament to the work David’s done on the character. There was no question, when we got the go-ahead to start bringing a few things, that was the big one that I went for.” This first cameo appearance took place in Green Arrow #24 of the new 52 run on the last page.  His first full appearance is in Green Arrow #25 which is part of the year zero storyline which places Diggles back story deep into the DCU as Moria Queen’s(Oliver’s mother) bodyguard in an early batman patrolled Gotham City.

While some heroes are still lost in the shuffle of rebirth John Diggle has already be established in Rebirth proving that he is here for the long haul. While on television Arrow is going into its 7th season with Diggle still front and center under his vigilante identity of Spartan. Love it or hate it the Arrowverse has taken a generation by storm with a fan base that keeps supporting more spin-off shows every season. Bringing us endless obscure characters we never thought would see a live action appearance John Diggle has taken on a spot alongside names such as The Canary and Malcom Merlin to the masses, with a comic book appearance that’s way more obtainable. From Tv to comics and even making an appearance in the latest Lego Batman video game i can see Diggle being a sought after first appearance in the future as people grow up with the character.

Green Arrow #24 (new 52) 1st cameo of John Diggle: 24k print run with a 1:25 black and white variant. This book is cheap and i think is a good long hold for the prices that they go for. Why not go crazy and spring for the variant.

Green Arrow #25 (new 52) 1st full John Diggle: 29k print run with a 1:25 variant. This is a book i truly believe is undervalued and you should be snatching these up at these below cover $1 bin prices. The variant if you can find one is a for sure grab at $7 or less in my opinion even if the show stops at season 7 i think John Diggle will be here to stay.

Thanks for reading everyone, thank you to all the great people here at CBSI from the owners,writers, readers, and the guys who keep this place running it truly is an honor to be a part of such a great piece of the comic book community. With that being said you can email me at with any questions suggestions or complaints. Please feel free to drop a comment and if anyone can think of any other good character’s who appeared in live action before comics drop names below. Happy hunting friends and remember “It’s better to have first and flip, then to never have first at all” — Valiant Horton

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