First you may have missed: Kaldur

Back again with a first you may have missed. I’m sure I am not alone in being a fan of all things Teen Titans and if you like them you probably heard of a little show called Young Justice.

If you have then you may know a character by the name of Aqualad who seemed to be a completely new creation to most people as his appearance in comics was well hidden at the time the show debuted and lets face it most fans of the show were not looking for him. So lets dive into this “Water first”. Kaldur

Jackson Hyde better know as Aqualad or Kaldur is an Atlantean teenager who has a unique character history. Being developed for both an animated and comics concurrently his origin story differs a bit between mediums.

In the animated series Young Justice Kaldur was taken under the wing of Aquaman as a reward for helping to save his life. When thought to be upgraded to a justice league member with the other “not sidekicks” Kid Flash, Robin, etc they were all formed into a group known as Young Justice.

Kaldur was elected leader of the group until Robin matured enough to take over. The comic book origin and appearance differs a bit as he is introduced as an adopted teenager from New Mexico who has no idea of his Atlantean heritage but was taught to stay out of the water.

He was given to his adoptive parents by Mera.Here is where the comics and animated start to agree, both revealing Black Manta as being his true father and show him to have the ability to “Harden” water like Mera and others from her home colony of Xebel.

His 1st comic book appearance is a very sneaky introduction in the pages of Brightest day #4. Here he is shown in a few panels with his girlfriend Maria trying to avoid a swim at all cost. He is not mentioned much for the next few issues.

It’s not until Brightest day #9 that we see him use his powers and its revealed that Black Manta is his father and intends to look for him. After the events of Brightest Day not much is heard from Aqualad and with Young Justice being Unjustly canceled Kaldur’s chances of spec potential or popularity were cut short.

Then being completely excluded from the new 52 run it seemed the nail was in the coffin for this iteration of Aqualad. Then news of a possible Young Justice Revival surfaces(ha that’s a pun or something), alongside DC rebirth which gives us our 1st  panel of Kaldur in continuity in over 5 years.

Now as of issue #6 he is a member of the teen titans with his Young Justice inspired appearance and sexual preference being the only real change.

With a bit of a messy start Kaldur the Aqualad seems to be displaying some long term staying power which im sure will be fueled by being a prominent member of a much love animated series set to make a triumphant return.

The push for all things Aquaman will surely begin soon and being tied to Aquaman, Mera,Black Manta, The Teen Titans(all of which will be hitting the big screen soon), and also Young Justice its not a far-flung thought that he may turn up a few places in the very near future.

Much like Harley Quinn and to a lesser degree Livewire, Kaldurs popularity stems from the power of great animated series even before comics which can make his first appearance be a break out at any moment.

  • Brightest Day #4 81k print run. 1st appearance of Jackson Hyde aka Kaldur aka Aqualad. This book is easily had with a ridiculously high print run. It will be extremely hard for this to get of the ground do to the availability but there is some hope. You should not have any trouble running across this book so if you find any in 9.8 condition grab them because that’s where the value will be. Also there is a 1:25 dead Hawkman cover by Ivan Reis which would be the one to grab for sure. Prices are fair on both so keep an eye out.

That does it for today’s edition. If you liked this and missed my last edition, you can check it out here.

As always thank you for your time and remember “Its better to have first and flip, then to never have first at all” — Valiant Horton

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