First You May Have Missed: Kid Kree

Hello everyone and welcome back to First You May Have Missed. I am a well-known Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur fan, so it was only a matter of time before I came back to this title after the great reception from the Omnipotentis article. Today we will discuss a Villain turned ally in this “First Kid” Kid Kree.



Kid kree goes by many names, his kree name is Mel-Varr, his given super name is Captain Kree (after the famous kree Captain Mar-Vell) his human name is Marvin ellis and he is eventually named Kid Kree. Kid Kree is the son of kree general Pad-Varr. Failing out of the kree academy Kid Kree was not taken serious by his father, in an effort to prove he is worthy he thinks up a plan to capture an Inhuman. In Moon Girl issue #7, using a kree computer he scans data to find an Inhuman that he could likely capture and that Inhuman is Moon Girl. In an effort to get close to Moon Girl Kid Kree enrolls at her school posing as a new student named Marvin Ellis from Michigan. As Marvin he tries to befriend and learn about Moon Girl but as Kid Kree he tries to capture her.  During one of their showdowns Kid Kree and Moon Girl causing destruction to the city are stopped by Ms. Marvel and that is the end of their battle.

Later Kid Kree comes to the realization that he is in fact in love with Moon Girl and Inhumans are not what he once thought they were. Back at his home his mother convinces his father general Pad-Varr that their son is missing and that he should look for him. Pad-Varr assembles a kree team to lead a rescue mission to earth to bring back his son who he believes has been captured and held hostage by Inhumans, mainly Moon Girl. During the rescue assault Kid Kree tales Moon Girls side and even defends her against the Kree warriors and his father, saving her from capture in the process. After the battle Pad-Varr sympathizes with his son and they return home.

Later in the end of the next story arc Moon Girl recruits a team of her closest allies including Ms. Marvel, Chulk, Riri, the X-men, the Thing, Doctor Strange and you guessed it Kid kree. Being hunted by Doombots Moon Girl needed the help of all her friends to beat the evil mastermind but at the end she sends Kid Kree back home and this is the last we have seen of him to this point.

Kid Kree is one of the most important original character’s to debut in Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur. I’m sure he is a shoe in for the animated series and as her first villain/ally/love interest, I’m sure whatever moon girl story is told he will eventually come into play. The kree’s roles in the comics and MCU are ever-changing and full of possibilities with really low print runs and explosive potential of Moon Girl as a spec book anything can happen here.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #7 12,879 print run (across 3 covers). First appearance of Kid Kree. Ok this is a drastically low print run. When you take into account the order as you want story thus far cover and the 1:15 variant on top of the fact that it is a low ordered book geared towards a younger audience (I have personally seen over 20 copies mangled) this book can turn into a high-grade ghost at any moment. Currently copies of the regular and story thus far variant are very fair and still available in back issue bins and cons as far as I have seen. The 1:15 Brigman variant is not impossible to find but is starting to get scarce but still fairly priced under ratio. I would grab all 3 if possible but the 1:15 is the real gem and a decent cover. 13k print run with not many stores ordering 15 copies by issue #7 I would not be surprised if 700 or less of these are in existence (full disclosure I actually have 4 in my Pc) get them while you can as we have seen the madness some moon girl variants can cause.

Speaking of my PC I guess this is a good time to share a cool piece of mail I received from CGC a few weeks ago. Check it out.


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