First You May Have Missed: King Crab and Red Widow?

Today on First You May Have Missed my Namor obsession (can we please get a Wakanda vs Atlantis movie!) has led me to touch on a sneaky underwater appearance. Along for the ride is another mysterious character that may or may not pan out to something great. Let’s dig in.



King Crab, yes king crab is a new ally of Namor appearing alongside him in Avengers #9 and #10. With #9 being just a cameo we don’t get much info on him but in #10 do get to see that he believes he can take on the hulk and actually fares pretty well against Thor. While I don’t have high hopes for king crab’s future being a Namor fan I am certainly interested in all the members of the Defenders of the Deep, the new team led by the sea prince himself. This team consists of some pretty strong water based characters. The line up consist of Andromeda, Bloodtide, Echidna, King Crab, Orka, Tiger Shark and of course Namor. If King Crab doesn’t get your spec sense tingling well here is an added bonus for Avengers #10.


(New?) Red Widow.

Also in Avengers issue #10 we get another team with a new member, The Winter Guard. A Russian based version of a super team which happens to feature an all new(maybe) Red Widow. Not much is known about this Red Widow of if she is truly someone new or a masked version of a former hero. If you’re not familiar with the other red widow check out my article here. We get no real insight into her powers but by her actions in battle and eagerness to diffuse a battle between Iron Man and Crimson Dynamo, it seems she may be more hero than villain. I personally hope it is the original Red Widow grown up and undercover as i have been waiting for her to be injected into the greater marvel universe. If she is a completely new character this book has some potential.



Avengers #9 58k print run. 1st cameo appearance of King Crab and the Defenders of the Deep. Now I don’t expect King Crab to be a hit, and the Defenders of the Deep may never be important but i like first so I grab them. There are a few variants but the virgin JG Jones is stunning only bad part is it’s a 1:200 so i have the trade dress version. If you want to beat the system the 2nd print is being reported as being only 808 copies and this is not a color change variant its an actual different cover from the regular A cover. It features interior art but it is noticeably different and maybe super rare. Can still be had for cover price.



Avengers #10 78k 1st full King Crab and 1st New Red Widow. The print run is a bit high and it comes with a crap load of variants but with 2 first appearances it has to be worth cover price. This book also has a 2nd print but its close to a 6k print run which is still nothing to glaze over. This is another one i amm grabbing at cover or less and half ration for the variants.

Thank you for reading and as always “It’s better to have first and flipped, than to never have first at all”— Valiant Horton


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