First You May Have Missed: Miles Super Special

With Miles Morales going through some upcoming changes and a movie on the way at the end of this year, I thought it would be a great time to focus on his rogue gallery or lack thereof. Here is the tricky part, in case you didn’t know Miles debuted in Marvel’s ultimate universe which was since destroyed, (but recently has came back more on that later) himself along with some memories were brought to the 616 (or whatever the main universe is being called now.)

This rare situation along with the fact that miles takes over for a well established character makes picking out a specific set of rogues that belong more to him then Peter while also existing in the main universe a confusing task. So let’s start with the unavoidable one.

Aaron Davis aka the prowler. While the Prowler is not new to the spider mythos this ultimate version has Aaron Davis uncle to Miles Morales under the mask. He first appeared in All New Ultimate Spider Man #1 (sometimes called ultimate comics spider man or other things but it is the 2011 series). This version of the prowler is an essential piece to Miles Spider-man story as he is not only miles uncle but also the reason Miles gets bitten and is granted his powers.

The relationship between Aaron and Miles is one of the most defining relationships of this version of spider-man as it pretty much hits all the points that made Peters villains so layered and terrifying. Think Osborune/Peter’s contrast to Goblin/Spider Man, Otto Octavious/Peter to Doc Oct/Spider Man etc. Being actually related by blood Aaron/Miles to Prowler/Spider-man was so much more personal and devastating.

Ultimately his criminal run (lol a pun) lead up to his apparent death in a battle with Miles which has stuck until recently when he appeared in the 616 universe as none other than Iron Spider!

Aaron Davis as the Iron Spider 1st appeared in spider-man 234. Sporting a much better gold and black iron spider suit with 4 mechanical limbs instead of 3(never understood that design what the heck Tony Stark). He went on to form a new Sinister Six and proved to be even more menacing this go around.

We also know this is in fact the same Aaron Davis from the ultimate comics as he explains to Miles he remembers his death but it is as if it was a dream and he just woke up alive again. So far him and Miles both seem to be able to remember things from the ultimate universe while others seem to be completely oblivious to it.

The sinister six reborn arc has 1 more issue before closing so the fate of the iron spider is unknown at this time but for any Miles collector or speculator this is one essential villain to grab up.

Next up we have The Bombshells. The Bombshells Lana and Lori Baumgartner are a mother daughter super villain team that first appeared in Ultimate Spider-Man #2 (2009 series). Not to be confused with Wendy Conrad the original bombshell who debuted in Hawkeyes series.

While Lana and Lori technically appeared before Miles and originally fought ultimate Peter Parker, i credit them to being a staple in Miles’s spider-man story. Lori (mother) is a mutant and petty criminal with the power to create explosion/energy blast, often thwarted by marvels heroes and jailed. She was more of a common annoyance then a full fledged villain although her evil was undeniable unlike her daughter.

Lana who shares the same powers was given a break and released from prison to start a normal life when it was deemed that it was her mother’s influence that caused her to be a criminal. She was befriended by ultimate Peter Parker and even joined the Young Ultimates team before the universe was destroyed.

What makes me attribute these two to Miles more so than Peter is from how they eventually were brought into the 616. Miles struck a deal with Molecule Man to save his closest friends and family by bringing them into the new main universe. Lana along with his parents and genke (and apparently his uncle Aaron) were all apart of that deal.

As Lana she is a close friend to Miles while having an almost fatal attraction crush on him. As bombshell she is a hero and often team up partner to spidey with a bit more of an aggressive approach to crime fighting. Think of her as Miles parallel to Felicia Hardy/black cat.

While Lana is reformed Lori has no signs of ever going straight, being recruited by Aaron as iron spider for the new sinister six sets up an amazing story dynamic where two villians a mother and uncle of two heroes team up to battle there next generation. This makes for some great stories and situations which makes the Bombshells a must for Miles rouge gallery.

The last one i will touch on today is a very hit or miss one for me. While i had high hopes for both this character and the story he debuted in, I was let down immensely. I will not let that deter from the possible future importance of this character who has the potential to become one of Miles Morales’s greatest and most dangerous foes.

That man is Miles Morales!!!? Ok so we know Miles Morales Spider-man comes from the ultimate universe but did we ever stop to think where the original universes Miles Morales is? Well if you did or didn’t Brian Michael Bendis will answer that for you in Spider-Men II which is new Miles first appearance.

Apparently the original 616 Miles was a friend to a young kingpin in jail and helped him grow his criminal empire. His origin story in spider-men II #3 is one of the best i have read in a long time but can’t say the same for the rest of the series.

After rising to the top of the criminal world He finds love and like so many mob stories he wants out the game. Wilson fisk being such a loving friend and the kingpin of crime grated him his wish erasing any knowledge of him from the world and allowing him to live a kushy life with his love. That is until she dies.

This is where he decides to find a way to bring his love Barbara back to him by any means. Contracting the taskmaster who repeatedly beats on the spider-men, OG Miles (or gangster Tiger Woods as me and Mel V like to call him) finds out about the existence of alternate dimensions. He uses this knowledge to send task master on a quest to find a dimension similar to his where barbara is still alive so he can be reunited with her.

Miles at this time is also dating a girl named Barbara who also first appears in spider men II #1. OG miles anti climatic ending comes about when he opens a door to a universe where he can meet and fall in love with Barbra all over again, the universe happens to be the ultimate universe which was supposed to be destroyed.

Although it has a few changes such as Peter parker being alive and spider man as well as riri as iron man. While OG miles has limited interaction with the spider-men and really doesn’t do anything of note, his existence and history with the kingpin along with the implications of discovering the ultimate universe may one day make him an important character to the Miles Morales mythos……or he will be forgotten forever.

That ends this edition of the first you may have missed Miles Morales super special.


Here are some notable issues and stats to chew on:

  • Ultimate comics spider-man #1 (2011) 1st Aaron Davis (and Aaron Davis as the prowler) with a whopping 87k print run this book is not rare in the least but it does give us some gems with the already pretty pricey 1:15, 1:30 and rumored 1:5000 (sketch) Sara Pichelli variant covers. Being a poly bag issue 9.8 copies are not easy to come by, with only 94 in the cgc census and none currently on ebay its something i would keep an eye out for in high grade. A bonus is this book is also the origin of Miles Morales.


  • Spider-man 234 1st Aaron Davis as Iron Spider. 56k print run over 4 covers, one of which is a 1:25 Sanford green cover. All can be had for under cover and ratio at the moment and are not scarce. I personally think this is an overlooked issue from a story standpoint as it also shows the formation of the new sinister six along with the new iron spider costume. For the prices they are going for i think grabbing the 1:25 for under $10 is a solid play.


  • Ultimate Spider-Man vol 2 #2 (2009 series) 1st appearance of Lori and Lana aka the Bombshells. 57k print run on this 1 cover and a 2nd print with a different cover.(print unknown) This book may be a powder keg as it has some true sleeper element’s. While not exactly rare these books for whatever reason are not as abundant in the wild as the print run suggest.

My guess is do to with it being almost 10 years old and probably being trashed and sold in bundles in mass. It is a cheap book probably $1 status if you do find one but given the significance of Lana to Miles if Miles does break out even more in the media she will come along for the ride and her first appearance is way under the radar. This is definitely a low risk spec play with a chance for a good pay off.

A Mother, daughter super villain team has to hit the mainstream one day right???….maybe??? Idk.


  • Spider-Men II #1. 1st appearance of O.G. Miles. 67k print run across 6 variants. Their are all pretty accessible and cheap right now but if i was to pick one it would certainly be the 1:50 todesco variant. It’s a good red cover imo(although idk whats happening with Miles bottom half) and at $10-15 is very undervalued speculation aside.

I am very on the fence with this character, I think his future directly depends on where Miles Morales is in the next year or so. Knowing Cable is recruiting Miles for a team makes me think he will be doing some type of time travel/dimension hopping and may lead back to OG Miles in some way. But i also have a suspicion that marvel may leave this thread on the back burner until some far future writer decides to do something with him and the Ultimate Universe.

Either way it’s a cheap grab and a long play but proceed with caution. Also you get the first appearance of Miles love interest Barbra.



  • Spider-Men II #3 Origin of OG Miles. 35k print run across 2 covers. I included this because i really enjoyed this issue and it is a full issue based on the rise of OG miles.

The future of Miles is very much in the air right now with Bendis out of the picture so where he goes from here is anyone’s guess.


As always thank you for your time and remember “It’s better to have first and flip, then to never have first at all” — Valiant Horton

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