First You May Have Missed: Mirand’r

Hello comic lovers and welcome to this edition of First You May Have Missed. One thing the comic market has taught me time and time again is that you can not control or predict anything that has to do with Harley Quinn. I was on the fence about this one but after continuing to read I decided maybe something can come of this character …maybe.

Admittedly I am not a fan of Harley Quinns book. From time to time I check it out just to see whats going on as a comic fan but Harley is not on my pull list by any means. With that being said, when flipping through a recent Harley book I came across a character named Mirand’r. I quickly backtracked through issues and found that she first appeared 3 issues before I started reading in Harley Quinn #57.

What interested me in Mirand’r besides the fact that she seems to be sticking around with Harley for a bit, is that she is from Tamaran the same planet as Starfire. This set off my speculator sense because this leaves open possibilities for other stories and character’s to tie into her in the future. Mirand’r propositions Harley telling her she can give her the power to become the Galactic Angel Of Retribution completely with a cool suit and sword, all she has to do is completely 6 trials. While I don’t know if I believe this to be true it is a cool idea and I don’t think Cosmic Harley is something that D.C. had not thought of at some point.

True or not, from issue #57 to the current issue #62 Harley has interacted with Mirand’r and completed all of the trails so far. Whatever her true plan is I must admit this is the most interested I have been in Harley Quinn in a long time. Seeming to have similar powers to Star Fire Mirand’r has potential to be a breakout villain or just 1 arc wonder at this point but, thats what speculation is all about.


Harley Quinn #57 26k print run 2 covers. 1st Mirand’r.

I must admit I was a bit late on this one, not picking it up until 3 issues later. I am a fan of the Tedesco cover B (which apparently has a misprint in the cover credits stating Frank Cho is the cover artist) and was able to snag one at $10 when I looked both seem to be doing well in the aftermarket. This is one I am on the fence about, currently sitting on 1 of each I may grab more but with so much to look at I may just sit on what I have. If you have a good shot at the Tedesco I would take it… but would not lose sleep if i couldn’t find it at a good price.

Thats it for today thanks for reading and as always “it’s better to have first and flipped, than to never have first at all” —Valiant Horton


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