First You May Have Missed: Nimrod/Bastion

With the X-Men coming over to the MCU its hard to see where the house of mouse can take our merry mutants that fox has not already splashed in the mud. Not many villains left to draw in audiences, Mr. Sinister and Omega Red for sure but who else can be worthy? Well Nimord. So here is a time traveling first.


By no means is Nimrod a new character debuting way back in 1985 in Uncanny X-Men #191 he has a very long history with the X-Men. He is a sentinel on steroids with the ability to teleport, shape shift and scan mutant abilities as he hunts them to extinction. Although his timeline is essentially destroyed he is sent back into the current X-Men timeline (by doctor strange) where he becomes a great foe of the X-Men and somewhat of a vigilante hero to the people as he is sometimes mistaken as being a man in a suit and not a super robot.

Nimrod is extremely powerful and capable of taking on the entire X-Men team as well as the brotherhood. At one point seeming to be destroyed he was merged with Master Mold and reborn into the villain Bastion. Bastion first appeared in a very faint cameo during X-Men 52 (Vol 2) but his first full appearance is in Uncanny X-Men # 333. As bastion he continues his crusade against the X-Men even teaming with the anti-mutant group the Purifiers( who are currently featured in marvels the gifted TV show).


Thought to have died many times Nimrod/Bastion still exist in the current 616 and fits in perfect with the direction it seems the MCU is going. He is basically a T-1000 terminator who hunts mutants. In a flash forward featured in Uncanny Avengers it is mentioned that the Nimrod Units were built by Tony Stark….. So with time travel and mutants both coming to the MCU, Plus his origin of being sent back in time by Doctor Strange, and the new retcon of Nimords being built by Tony Stark, Nimrod as a big bad is very possible real soon. Lets look at the books.


Uncanny X-Men #191: 1st appearance of Nimrod, this is a book i love finding in bins. I actually have found 3 pretty clean copies in the past few years and only one was over $10. This is 1985 X-Men greatness just grab one on the cheap and tuck it away.


Uncanny X-Men #193: First Nimrod Cover. I just think this is prefect comic book presentation. It’s one of those what you see is what you get covers. Nimrod kicking juggernauts butt while Rogue absorbs both Colosus and Nightcrawler’s powers to stop him.


X-Men #52: 1st cameo of Bastion. Im not really a fan of this book or cameo but for the sake of completion im mentioning it.


Uncanny X-Men #333: 1st full appearance of Bastion. Not a huge fan of the character personally i prefer Nimrod but its an easy first to find on the cheap.

That’s all for this week, Thanks for reading and as always “Its better to have first and flipped then to never have first at all” — Valiant Horton

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